Tmall high -end sex lingerie brand


Sex underwear, especially high -end products, has always been one of the hot topics after people’s tea.On the Tmall platform, there are also many high -end sexy underwear brands.These brands may not be well known in the outside world, but their excellent quality and design have been widely recognized in the audience.

Brand 1: MOTIF

Motif is a brand derived from France. It focuses on luxurious sexy underwear. Designers will draw inspiration from the Paris Fashion Week and apply them to details such as cutting and fabrics.Emphasizing the combination of sexy and elegance makes women show their own charm.

Brand 2: LES Jupons de TESS

LES Jupons de TESS is another French brand. The main attack is a sexy underwear with classical and romantic style.Designers will find inspiration from European fashion in the 18th century, and practice in terms of fabrics, colors, patterns and other aspects.At the same time, the products of the LES Jupons de TESS are also very suitable for new wedding honeymoon.

Brand 3: AUBADE

Aubade is also a brand from France. It has a history of 40 years in the sexy underwear market and has a high reputation.AUBADE’s underwear design is unique, with elegance and luxury, and is good at using elements such as lace and perspective network to create sexy visual effects.

Brand 4: La Perla

La Perla is a brand derived from Italy. Its sexy underwear is mainly delicate and unique.La Perla’s underwear shows extremely high craftsmanship and quality in terms of fabrics and details. Designers will draw inspiration from nature and classicalism to create an artistic underwear.

Brand 5: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a sexy underwear brand from Britain, and its unique design style is very popular.Agent Provocateur’s underwear is mainly sexy and naughty, showing unruly and independent fashion attitude, and also pays attention to comfort.

Brand 6: Chantal Thomass

Chantal Thomass is another brand from France. It uses black and white tones to emphasize smooth lines and pattern details, creating a noble underwear image.The quality and design of Chantal Thomass are not inferior to the design of the underwear, which is loved by underwear enthusiasts.

Brand 7: Wolford

Wolford is a brand from Austria. In addition to high -quality sexy lingerie, it also has products such as socks and swimsuits.Wolford’s underwear style is changeable, sweet and cute, and sexy and unruly.Its underwear often uses innovative fabrics to create a unique texture.

Brand eight: Kochi

As one of the representatives of luxury brands, Kochi also involved in the sex underwear industry.Coach’s underwear is simple and generous, and also focuses on the requirements of materials and quality.Kochi’s sexy underwear quality and design are well received by consumers.

details decide the quality

Among these brands, each one has its own unique design style and quality requirements.But no matter which brand it is, it attaches great importance to details.In order to make enough effort in fabrics, crafts, details, etc., you can truly create high -end underwear and ensure the quality of underwear.


Although high -end sexy underwear brands are expensive, their design and quality are unambiguous.In terms of appearance and comfort, these brands of products have excellent performance.If you are underwear enthusiasts, try these high -end sexy underwear, there may be unexpected surprises.

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