Those sexy underwear

Those sexy underwear

Get rid of the monotonous white cotton underwear, try sexy underwear.Not only can you add fun, but also change different images.Here are several different types of sexy underwear for your reference.

1. Drain and underwear suits

The bras and underwear suits are generally elegant and sexy styles, which can include or do not include accessories such as suspenders, milk stickers or chest stickers.On weekdays, it is very suitable for wearing as basic underwear, and it is also very suitable for wearing in specific occasions (such as romantic dating or photography).

2. Lace underwear suit

Because of the softness and romance of lace, lace underwear suits are a relatively traditional choice and are suitable for wearing in most cases.Whether at the meeting, party, or at any time, lace underwear suits are a choice that is not losing.

3. Maobang underwear suit

The wool underwear suite is also called a floral underwear suit. It wins the design of the hair edge and cute and cute.If you are looking for some cute and sexy underwear and do not want the color to be too eye -catching, then the woolen underwear suit may be your best choice.

4. Transparent underwear suit

Transparent underwear suits are especially suitable for romantic nights under candlelight.It is very suitable for you to show your beautiful figure, making you feel that you are also a supermodel.Of course, transparent underwear also needs to choose the color that matches the skin color to truly achieve the effect of surprising victory.

5. Competition bra

This type of underwear is more prominent in order to make the breasts more prominent, and even some styles can prevent you from sagging slightly when wearing underwear.It also allows you to be more free in exercise and easily complete any movements.

6. Diamond Drilling Poster

Diamond diamond underwear, also known as crystal underwear, is a unique and visual attractive choice.This underwear is generally composed of many small crystals. Each crystal is diamond -shaped. It is not only beautiful but also very conspicuous.This underwear is most suitable for wearing in factions or special occasions, which is impressed by people.

7. Creamy underwear suit

Creamy underwear set is a softer color in sexy underwear.This underwear is suitable for wearing in exercise, and can also be used as underwear for evening dresses.Whether it is lipstick, shoes, underwear or other accessories, creamy underwear can match it to create a gorgeous and beautiful image.

8. T -type sheet

T -type underwear is sought after by many young women due to exaggerated and unique styles.It supports a curved T -shaped support, with a metal wire, which makes the underwear tortuously twists and turns, which is amazing.


The reason why erotic underwear can become a popular choice is because it allows us to be ourselves we want without any restraint.Whether it is a sexy, independent and confident image, or a innocent and soft appearance, sexy underwear can meet our needs.Wearing it is like enjoying life with underwear.

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