Foreign design sexy underwear

Foreign design sexy underwear

In today’s sexy underwear market, foreign design sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular with consumers.These underwear are not only novel and unique in design, but also comfortable and easy to clean the fabrics, and have high collection value.The following will introduce you to several foreign design sexy underwear and its characteristics.

Japanese -style sexy underwear

Japanese -style erotic underwear is one of the relatively popular styles in the market. It focuses on the sexy feeling, but also incorporates Japanese cultural elements.This underwear is characterized by simple styles, smooth lines, bright colors, soft and comfortable fabrics, suitable for Asian women.

European and American style dirt

European and American style underwear pursues sexy and luxurious sense.There are thousands of styles, from the classic black red lips style to creative flower patterns, there are many options.In terms of fabrics, European and American styles have a certain thickness, and the texture is superior, which makes people feel confident and charm after putting on.

Korean sexy underwear

Korean sexy underwear incorporates Korean fashion elements and integrates simplicity and cuteness.The color is mainly pink and light, and the fabric is relatively thin and refreshing, suitable for the figure of East Asian women.Multiple details are processed, such as lace lace, bow, etc., highlighting cute and sexy elements.

Indian sexy underwear

Indian sexy underwear is more incorporated into Indian cultural elements.The main features are strong colors, from gold, red, green to blue.At the same time, it also focuses on gorgeous decorations, such as metal flowers, jewelry, embroidery and so on.The fabric is mainly tulle, which is more suitable for South Asian women.

Thai sexy underwear

Thai sexy underwear also focuses on cultural elements. It uses patterns and colors with Southeast Asian characteristics. It is simple and natural in style. It feels comfortable and relaxed when wearing.The fabric is elastic and has a good sense of personality, which is in line with the body characteristics of Southeast Asian women.

Brazilian sexy underwear

Brazilian sexy underwear is warm and passionate, focusing on highlighting women’s sexy, charm and vitality.Among them, the more common is the Brazilian Cut Style. The style is mainly made of tulle. It is ultra -low waist and large V design, which can fully show the good figure of women.

Italian sexy underwear

Italian sexy underwear has always been one of the representatives of high -end sexy underwear in the market. It focuses on the combination of art and fashion, and emphasizes the noble and comfortable clothing.The style is generally complex and fine, using elegant materials, such as silk.

French sexy underwear

French erotic underwear emphasizes the line aesthetics of women’s bodies.The style pays attention to the smooth and concise lines, and at the same time incorporates some elements that are not suitable in some countries, such as three -point, SS style inlaid with diamonds, and so on.The fabric focuses on the feeling of thin, soft, and personal, making people have a wonderful sense of enjoyment.

Australian sexy underwear

Australian sexy underwear is raised up, the design is relatively bold, the scale is relatively large, emphasizing personality and freedom.Among them, it is a bikini style, or it is prominent, or low -key, and has good personalization and artistry.The fabric is mainly sports fabrics or swimsuit fabrics, light and natural.


Foreign design sexy underwear has a lot of charm. Different styles of design and fabric materials can show different styles.However, no matter which country from the underwear, the most important thing is comfortable and safe. Only by choosing it, wearing will be more attractive.

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