The original god clothing design sexy underwear


The original god is a popular open world game.The characters in the game have a variety of different clothing, but there is no interesting underwear.In recent years, sexy underwear design has become more and more fashionable. So why not add some sexy underwear in the original god?This article will explore how to design sexy underwear for the original god.

Characteristic character characteristics

When designing sexy underwear, understanding the characteristics of characters is very important for successful design.The characters in the original god have a variety of personalities and styles.For example, Qin is a classic independent woman, and her sexy underwear should reflect her maturity and elegance.And characters like Aber are more suitable for designing some cute and sexy sexy underwear.

Fabric selection

When selecting fabrics, you need to consider comfort and quality.Because the role of sexy underwear is to make people feel sexy and confident, choosing high -quality fabrics is a good choice.However, it also needs to pay special attention to comfort, which is important for the gender that is worn or not.

color match

Color matching is very important for sexy underwear design.The choice of color should be matched with the character’s personality and style.For example, if you want to design sexy underwear for Mona, you can choose cold tones and gold.This will reflect her mystery and noble sense.


When designing sexy underwear styles, sexy and appropriateness need to be considered.The style should be able to show the beauty and self -confidence of the character, but don’t be too exposed.The fit design is also very important, because sexy underwear is to make people feel confident and comfortable, not to make people feel embarrassed or uneasy.

ways of presenting

When designing sexy underwear, the presentation method is another factor that needs to be considered.This includes the transparency and display of clothes.Some characters can use white or light gauze to increase transparency and show more body curves.For other characters, they can use open or off -shoulder design to show their sexy and self -confidence.

Add special elements

Special elements are to make sexy underwear more unique and interesting.You can add some accessories to sexy underwear, such as lace, ribbon, beads, and so on.These special elements can increase the beauty and sexuality of sexy underwear, but do not excessive, avoid too fancy.

Match with the character

Sex underwear should be properly matched with the character.If sexy underwear is not coordinated with characters, it will destroy the atmosphere created in the game, and may even make people feel embarrassed.Therefore, it is necessary to design sexy underwear based on the character’s personality and style to ensure that they are consistent with the character’s personality and the background of the story.

Market demand

Sexy underwear is already very popular in modern times.Because many players (especially male players) like to collect the erotic underwear wearing their favorite characters, the sales market of sexy underwear is very broad.Adding erotic underwear to the original god will further stimulate the enthusiasm of the player’s purchase and increase the popularity of the game.


Designing the original magic underwear is a very interesting task, but it also requires professional skills.When designing sexy underwear, you need to consider character characteristics, fabric selection, color matching, style design, presentation method, adding special elements, matching with character, and market demand.If a successful design of charming sexy underwear can not only make players feel sexy, but can greatly improve the popularity of the game.

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