The most expensive women’s sexy underwear


Women’s sexy underwear, as a part of fashion, has always been one of the most popular costumes of women.Although they can appear in various forms, some sexy underwear is designed more valuable, more luxurious and more expensive than others.In this article, I will introduce you to the most expensive women’s sexy underwear in the world.

Victoria’s Secret $ 20 million diamond underwear

Victoria’s Secret launched a $ 20 million diamond underwear in 2000.This underwear consists of more than 1200 diamonds of different colors and shapes, weighing 150 carats, and is considered one of the most expensive women’s sexy underwear in the world.

Huan Hoste’s $ 5 million gold underwear

Huan Hoste is a Spanish jewelry designer. He created a $ 5 million gold underwear. This underwear is made of 1500 carat gold and 5,000 diamonds.It is much heavier than Victoria’s Secret diamond underwear, weighing 640 grams, but it is still very expensive.

Put on the pink dream of rich people

A rich man can also buy a pink dream underwear worth $ 1.5 million.This pink erotic underwear is specially designed and produced by the jewelry designer of the rich man’s own body and taste.This underwear is made of pink lace and diamonds, which perfectly shows the fashion taste and uniqueness of rich people.

Female sex underwear dominated by leather

Women’s erotic underwear is not necessarily made of jewelry and their partners.Fourth expensive women’s sexy underwear is a leather underwear, which is worth about $ 50,000.This underwear was made by Italian underwear company Liviara.The leather must be suitable for the body of the wearer to ensure that it really highlights its beautiful appearance.

Female sexy underwear of Piaoyin lace decorative boots

This is a female sexy underwear from the Piaoyin brand. The materials of their underwear and boots are natural cowhide. The underwear is decorated with black lace. The exquisite handmade embroidery and luxurious diamonds make the whole underwear look more fashionable and more fashionable and more fashionableunique.

Women inspired by history

And another woman with a value of about 100,000 US dollars is inspired by the Queen’s pigeon underwear, one of the richest people in French history in the 18th century.The lotus pier, each with thousands of freshwater pearls, rubies and diamonds, is very magnificent.

Create expensive artworks with cheap materials

Sometimes, the most expensive women’s erotic underwear is not only made of valuable materials, but also made of the most ordinary materials.TSUNODA Yūki’s "VC Senyou Aina Dress and Underwear" is one of them.This underwear looks simple, which is actually made of hook needles, including many complex details, but its price is as high as $ 5,000.

Black temptation

The design of black 5E underwear worth 10,000 US dollars combines the lace made of silk and the German Czech Republic, which is not only exquisite and sexy, which fully shows the beauty of women.Its chest support design is very unique, making the admirers admire.

Mururable women’s sexy underwear

A latest female sexy underwear is Atelier Harmony underwear from the LA Perla brand.This underwear was made of Italian top jewelry dealer iLana Makri. It is composed of removable jewelry chains, which are inlaid with several gems of various colors.Its price is about $ 15,000 and is one of the must -have for super fashionable women.

Show charm in the sexy skirt

This underwear is very suitable for people who want to show their femininity in sexy skirts.It is a "SNECK" design, which is carefully produced. It is inspired by the French art style of the 1820s and 1920s. It is fashionable and noble.The price is about $ 3,000.


In the field of women’s sexy underwear, the price can be very expensive as you can see, but it can also be very ordinary. The key is to see it as a artwork. Not only should we pay attention to the design, but also the selection of materials and handmade details.If you want to invest in a most expensive sexy underwear, you need to spend millions of dollars.But no matter what the price, exquisite underwear makes you feel more confident and charming.

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