The first time wearing a sexy underwear ml

Preparation for the first time wearing a sexy underwear

The first time you try to wear a fun underwear will make people nervous, but as long as you are prepared, you can spend it smoothly.Before choosing a sexy underwear, it is important to ensure your body size, because the inappropriate size of the size will affect comfort and effect.It is recommended to choose the right underwear in advance, and cooperate with appropriate perfumes, makeup, etc., to play the charm of sexy underwear.

Precautions for trying through sex underwear

Before trying to penetrate, look at the details and characteristics of sexy underwear carefully.Different styles and types of underwear are different. Some styles also have suggestions to wear small props. These details should be paid.When wearing, pay attention to the details, especially the clever adjustment of the shoulder strap, back buckle, and the filling of the cup to ensure the best comfort, visual and use effect.

Choose the right sexy underwear

When choosing to buy sex and sexy underwear, don’t just look at design, color, popular trend, etc., but also consider your body, skin tone, personality and other factors.For example, girls with small breasts can choose styles with many chest pads and good concentrated effects, and girls with large breasts should choose styles that can be effectively supported.Suitable sexy underwear will greatly enhance self -confidence and charm.

Choose the right occasion and object

Wearing erotic underwear is generally used for special occasions, such as sexual life and party, so the choice occasion is also critical.In addition, consider whether the object appreciates this matching style, otherwise it will be counterproductive.At the same time, specific problems are also analyzed, in some cases, the traditional underwear matching may be more appropriate.

Use clothing matching skills

Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is often used by single products.It will choose sexy clothing for matching, such as short skirts, lace stockings, high heels, chiffon jackets, etc., which enhance the overall effect and more attractive.

Pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of underwear

Sexual feelings, fabrics, styles and materials of sexy underwear, so the maintenance methods are not the same.Therefore, you need to understand the maintenance method of underwear before wearing, especially when cleaning, appropriate water temperature and detergent should be used, and harmful chemicals should be used to prevent the quality and shape of underwear.

Choose the style and brand that suits you

It can be found that major clothing brands have a lot of sexy lingerie lines, using network resources to understand and compare sexy underwear.You can choose a specialty store, physical store or online purchase according to your different needs and tastes. Buy appropriate, brand -name, formal sexy underwear brand that meets quality certification, allowing you to better experience the charm of underwear in security services.

The purpose of sexy underwear is not just to make others optimistic about yourself

Many people feel that sexy underwear is to reflect their sexy charm and attract the attention of others.And affirmation.Finding a set of styles, colors, and styles that suits you for you, and use this dress to show yourself, is the real charm of sexy underwear.


Regardless of whether it is the first attempt or perennial experience, good at choosing, dressing, maintenance and use of sexy underwear is necessary.The charm of sexy underwear is not only the appearance, but also the display of its own confidence, charm and good mentality.

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