The latest sex lingerie conference

New sexy underwear is released heavy release

The latest fun underwear was just released this week. This conference was jointly organized by some well -known brands.In addition to the traditional sexy and adult erotic lingerie, the new underwear also emphasizes the attention of comfort and design, and at the same time integrates various elements, such as embroidery, lace, and net eye.In terms of design, there are both sexy tight styles and loose casual styles, which are suitable for different moods.

Rich color selection

It is no longer limited to black, white and red. The new sexy underwear brings more choices for consumers in color, making up for the single color tone of sexy underwear in the past.Now, you can choose almost any color, even fluorescent green and bright orange.At the same time, the designer also worked in the details, making each underwear look more perfect.

Trinity design

The new sexy underwear uses a trinity design, combining underwear, chest stickers, and underwear with special materials.This design can not only provide you with a sense of comfort, so that you still feel comfortable after wearing it for a long time, but also very helpful for the breast improvement and shaping.

More sexy elements

In addition to providing comfortable underwear this time, this conference also brought more sexy elements to enthusiasts.For example, some underwear with handcuffs, lace stockings and restraint equipment, so that you can try different ways when playing.

Different occasions

The new sexy underwear is also designed for different occasions.For example, some underwear also have special designs that are convenient for swimming pools or beaches; others are suitable for taking a party or wear at home, a way to combine interest and comfort.

Diverse size selection

No matter what size you are, you can find underwear that suits you in this brand.Not only the conventional size, but also large or small underwear, which is suitable for any woman’s needs.

Application of environmental materials

This series of new sexy underwear also pays attention to environmental protection in terms of material.Designers use natural materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo fiber and environmental protection, etc., which is a very positive signal for manufacturing.

Reasonable price

Although the sexy elements and unique designs of these sexy underwear are still very reasonable.Whether you are a novice or a veteran, you can find a style that suits you.


This brand hopes to make sexy underwear more popular.It is no longer a mysterious and closed thing. Now anyone can try to enjoy this beautiful and happy moment.


The conference showed most of the characteristics of new sexy underwear.These underwear can provide both comfort, but also add some fun to your intimate moment to some extent.Whether you are a novice or a veteran, you can choose the style that suits you. While enjoying a good moment, you can feel that the brand has made efforts to make sexy lingerie popular.

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