The office opens the stall sex underwear

What is the sexy underwear?

Open -file sexy underwear is a sexy female underwear. Unlike traditional underwear, the opening of the sexy underwear adopts special design and production in the private part of the private parts, so that the private parts can be exposed through open parts, and adding visual surprises to add visual surprises.Some desires and fun.This underwear is very suitable for use in interesting life because it can evoke some erotic imagination and desires in life.

Is the office suitable for sexy underwear?

The answer to this question is not just one because business goals are different.But for some people, it is feasible to wear a sexy underwear to work.First of all, if your office culture tolerates this kind of dress, then wearing a sexy underwear will definitely not cause other people’s dislikes.Secondly, the atmosphere and culture of the office should be the main consideration. If culture permits, then the opening of sexy underwear can be used for special gatherings or celebration occasions.

Types of opening sexy underwear

There are many types of consumers to choose from in sex underwear.Among them, there are many types of different types that are suitable for women’s skin color, body shape and gender preference.The following are the most common type of sexy underwear type:

1. Red sexy stall sex underwear

This is the most common type of sexy underwear, because the sexy underwear, which is usually linked to the color of red, can give people a psychological suggestion and strengthen the image of sex clothing.

2. Lace opening sexy underwear

Lace is a very popular sexy material.Coupled with a unique open crotch design make the wearer more attractive.

3. Open stalls with socks

The characteristic of this underwear is that the special design of the mesh above the knee joint and the daily high school socks form a high -mobilization effect.

Choose the selection of sexy underwear

If you plan to buy a sexy underwear, the following are some precautions:

1. The size should be appropriate

Open -file sexy underwear usually uses very close design, so it is very important to choose the right size.

2. The material should be soft and comfortable

Choose high -quality materials as much as possible, such as cotton or silk.These materials will not make you feel uncomfortable, and will keep clean and breathable.

3. Consider the occasion

According to the occasions of wearing, choose the proper sexy underwear type.It is obviously not a good idea to wear a sexy underwear in the office, but at the occasion, this kind of sexy clothing will appear more eye -catching and sexy.

How to wear a sexy underwear in sexual underwear

There are some techniques for wearing a sexy underwear. The following are some techniques:

1. Make sure the underwear is comfortable

To ensure that the selected sexy lingerie is not only beautiful, but also to be able to wear comfortably.This is important because you don’t want to be uncomfortable because of uncomfortable wear.

2. Perfect tailoring

The cutting of the selected stalls must be natural, and it must not cause adverse effects on the personal image. It must be fitted but cannot be counted and cracks.

3. Adjust your body posture

When wearing a sexy underwear, you must not only maintain a good figure, but also pay attention to maintaining a good posture.This can add points to your image.

The maintenance of sexy underwear

In order to ensure that your opening and sexy underwear can last for a long time, and can be used and preserved properly. The following are some maintenance skills:

1. Washed underwear

Because the sexy underwear is usually relatively fragile, hand washing is safer.Use cold water to wash and use low -temperature detergents.

2. Dry air

Avoid exposing the opening of the stall’s lingerie to the sun or the hotspot excessively drying.Hang it up and dry it while avoiding the use of a dryer.

3. Storage

Use a skin -friendly cloth or store the well -stored cloth bags separately, and place the boiled sexy underwear in a dry place to avoid being affected by sunlight sun exposure or other unfavorable factors.

in conclusion

Open sexy underwear is particularly suitable for use in fun life, because it can evoke some erotic imagination and desires in life.If you have a certain confusion in choosing, then you may consider confirming the nature of your occasions and events first, and then determine the type of sexy underwear you like according to the occasion.Finally, you must pay attention to maintenance, which can not only ensure that your underwear is clean and healthy, but also increases their life.

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