The place where Suzhou buys a fun underwear

The place where Suzhou buys a fun underwear

1. Shopping mall

As a modern city, Suzhou has many large shopping malls, such as Eslite, Vientiane City, Suning Plaza, etc. There will be some adults in these shopping malls. You can buy all kinds of sexy underwear in these stores.

2. Gathering place

In Suzhou City, there are several places where adult commodity stores gather, and the more famous ones are street car lanes, Su Da Road, etc. There are many adult products shops in these places, and the fun underwear is also very comprehensive.

3. Online shopping

If you don’t like to go shopping in a physical store, you can choose to buy sexy underwear online. Taobao, Tmall, and have many adults shops.

4. Specialty store

In addition to shopping malls and gathering places, there are also some specialty underwear stores, such as Secret Love. Such shops are specialized in sex underwear, which has a high degree of professionalism.

5. Brand store

Some well -known erotic underwear brands also have their own brand stores in Suzhou, such as the Furong Brothers, Auspicious Sex Products Store.

6. Men’s products store

In addition to adult toys, there are also some men’s underwear, and some even some women’s sexy underwear to buy.

7. Live shopping

On some live broadcast platforms, some anchors will sell sexy underwear. You can buy your favorite style in the live broadcast room, and you can learn the evaluation of other audiences in real time.

8. Private formulation

If you are not very satisfied with the sexy underwear on the market, you can choose private customization. Some adults will also provide this service, which can be customized according to your needs.

9. Building materials market

Although it has nothing to do with building materials, there are many adults in some building materials markets in Suzhou. You can buy sexy underwear in these stores.

10. Supermarket

Some large supermarkets will also have adult products. Although the types are not as rich as professional stores, they are still a choice in emergency situations.


There are many places to buy interesting underwear in Suzhou. You can choose a place suitable for you according to your preferences and shopping habits.However, no matter where you buy, you must pay attention to hygiene issues and buy your own appropriate size and style.

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