Yue’s erotic underwear novels

Yue’s erotic underwear novels

Yue is a sexy woman. She is always wearing a variety of erotic underwear to attract men’s attention.She is very solving the various types and styles of affectionate underwear, and this is also an important reason why she can attract men.Her boyfriend Charlie also likes to see her wearing a sexy underwear model. Every time I see her sexy lingerie, he will make him want to stop.In this novel, we will see Yue wearing different erotic underwear to tease Charlie.

Stockings sexy underwear

In this story, Yue wore a black stockings sexy underwear to see Charlie.The design of this set of sexy underwear is very novel, with many hooks on it, allowing Yue to adjust the size of the clothes at will.She also wore a pair of black high -heeled shoes to make her legs more slender.When Charlie saw her, her eyes widened, and her face appeared with a stunned expression.

Lace sexy underwear

On the other hand, Yue wore a white lace sexy underwear to see Charlie.This set of sexy underwear is very sexy, especially the lace design makes her proud figure look more attractive.Yue also wore a short coat, making people directly associate with sexy female teachers.Under her stretch, Charlie became a bit out of control.

Stomato sexy sheets

Yue changed a set of belly pockets to see Charlie. This set of sexy underwear is like a small vest, which can perfectly show her flat belly and plump breasts.Combined with black stockings, the whole person looks more coquettish and attractive.Charlie couldn’t help but jumped up and kissed her.

Fairy underwear

One night, Yue put on the sexy underwear to Charlie’s house.This set of sexy underwear is very strange, like an ordinary black lace underwear, but there is a opening in the middle, which can facilitate sex.Charlie saw her put on this underwear and couldn’t help sighing: "This woman is really all kinds of tricks!"

Transparent sexy underwear

Yue put on a set of transparent erotic underwear. The color of this sexy underwear is pale pink, perfectly matching the color of her skin.Coupled with the combination of high heels and black stockings, she looks very sexy.At a glance, Charlie was very enthusiastic and shed saliva involuntarily.

High -waist sexy sheet

This set of high -waisted sexy underwear is the latest one bought by Yue. The whole body is lace design. The only feature is that its hem has many lace lace, which can better modify her waist lines.Under the combination of high heels and black stockings, Yue looks more mature and the sexy atmosphere is even more rich.Charlie could no longer resist the charm of Yue and rushed directly.

Student uniform sexy underwear

Yue changed a set of students to uniform sex underwear to see Charlie. This set of sexy underwear made her look like a well -behaved student girl.Yue tied his hair into two braids, and wearing a pair of glasses, his eyes were innocent, perfectly interpreting the image of a student girl.Seeing this scene, Charlie could not help but think of his campus relationship that year, and his mood became very excited instantly.

Leather sex underwear

At the climax of this story, Yue put on a set of black leather erotic underwear to see Charlie.This set of sexy underwear gives people a very domineering feeling, making Yue look like a sexy female policeman.Combined with black stockings and high heels, Yue’s whole person looks very wild and sexy.Under her stretch, Charlie finally couldn’t control herself anymore.


After reading this novel, you may think that Yue is very unruly, but in fact she just knows how to attract and satisfy her boyfriend with sex underwear and make them love herself more.Wearing erotic underwear does not mean that there must be an immoral behavior. More importantly, letting people learn how to maintain a healthy and beautiful relationship while maintaining romance and passion.