The leader asked me to wear sexy underwear to work

Leader’s request

One day, the leader told me to go to the office, and he told me that I asked me to dress more sexy and improve my image in the company.Initially, I was a little hesitant and worried about this, but he continued: "I suggest you try to work in sexy underwear." This shocked and disturbed.

Understand sexy underwear

Before deciding to wear this underwear, I first need to understand what love underwear is and how it uses it.Interest underwear is usually a sexy and passionate women’s underwear, which is usually used in bed and when the occasion is needed.They have various styles, such as silk underwear, lace skirts, sexy pajamas, etc. Each underwear has different functions.

Understand the company’s regulations

Before deciding to wear this type of underwear, I need to understand the company’s regulations.I went to check the employee manual of our company and read the policy about dressing.Most companies have dressing requirements, but I have not found clearly prohibiting the regulations on wearing sexy underwear to work.However, I decided to pass the company’s HR approval.

Find a sexy underwear that suits you

I started looking for sexy underwear suitable for me in local underwear stores and online stores.In the process, I must remember my working environment and the company’s dressing standards to ensure that the underwear I bought is appropriate and will not be too exposed.I finally chose a dark silk robe and underwear suit. The style is simple and sexy, which is very suitable for my taste and the company’s dressing standards.

Feeling in sexy underwear to work

On the first day I was very nervous to work in sexy underwear, but over time, I started to feel that it felt better.I am more confident and sexy.At the same time, my colleagues also started to pay more attention to my dress.I feel that I have successfully met the requirements of the leadership.

Feedback and opinion

I decided to ask my colleagues about their views on me.The feedback given by most people is positive, and they think this makes my appearance better and attractive.But some people hold conservative opinions, thinking that my dressing will affect the company’s image, and it is even too exposed.

Precautions for wearing sexy underwear work

Although I am very satisfied with my dress, I still have to remember a few things.First of all, I must try to control my dress that will not exceed the company’s dressing standards, so as not to cause unnecessary disputes.Secondly, I must maintain moderateness, and do not rely too much on the confidence caused by sexy underwear to work.

Challenge in sexy underwear

I also encountered several challenges in the process of working in sexy underwear.First of all, I have to overcome my comfort zone.Then, I need to try a variety of ways to wear to adapt to different work occasions and the company’s dressing regulations.

Show your self -confidence and advantage

Although I encountered some challenges at work, I still believe that working in sexy underwear is a way to express confidence and advantage.It can highlight the beautiful lines and outlines of women, making women feel more attractive.

in conclusion

The experience of working in sexy underwear made me redefine sexy.I think sexy is not just an exposure, but a kind of restrained and confident.When we fully understand and wear sexy underwear on appropriate occasions, it can make us feel more confident and elegant.The most important thing is that we must realize that our wearing behavior will have a certain impact on the company’s image and reputation.