You will wear sexy underwear

Do you really wear sexy underwear?

Interest underwear can make you feel unprecedented self -confidence and sexy, but if you don’t wear well, you may also make you embarrassed and even affect the sex life.Wearing erotic underwear also requires skills. Let’s share some tips to wear sexy underwear to enhance the sense of pleasure of sex life!

Choose the underwear style that suits you

Choosing underwear styles is the primary task, because the underwear style that suits you can highlight your body and make yourself more sexy and charming.If you are petite and exquisite, you can choose simple and beautiful underwear; tall and plump women can choose underwear with gorgeous styles and plump figures.

Choose a underwear size that suits you

It is also very important to choose the size of the underwear that suits you. The unsuitable underwear will make you feel uncomfortable, let alone make you have a better experience in interesting life.Therefore, before buying sexy underwear, measure your body size, and it is very important to choose the appropriate number.

The details of the underwear should be fulfilled

The details of the underwear determine the meaning of interesting life, because the details of the details must be eye -catching and sexy parts.Therefore, it is very important to modify and trim underwear. For example, the position of the chest cup or "tightening" the shoulder strap to enhance the sexy feeling.

The dressing details of accessories must be followed up

Interesting underwear is not just over one piece, it is over, and it also uses accessories to create the magic of sexuality.For example, with a black stockings and various accessories such as high heels, the whole picture can make the whole picture more charming and more affectionate.

Choose the color and texture that suits you

The choice of underwear color and material is essential for the effect of sexy life. To avoid being too bright and exaggerated, it is recommended to choose black, light blue, nude or other low -key gentle and charming colors.The material should choose soft, comfortable, skin -friendly fabric to maintain a more comfortable skin sensation.

Pay attention to your temperament and gas field

When wearing a sexy underwear, you must choose the style according to your temperament and gas field.If you have a strong aura, you can choose a simple style to highlight your momentum; if you have a gentle and shy temperament, you can choose a sweet style to make yourself more cute and moving.

With a confident smile

When wearing a sexy underwear, don’t forget to add a confident smile to yourself, because a confident smile can not only make yourself feel more confident and sexy, but also evoke the spirit of your partner and make the fun life more beautiful.

Don’t emphasize your body too much

Wearing a sexy underwear is not to show his figure, nor to prove how sexy you are.Wearing sex underwear more needs to show women’s temperament, charm and personality, so be sure to choose underwear style according to your temperament and personality. Don’t emphasize your body too much.

Don’t decorate too much

Of course, don’t be too decorative to wear sexy underwear, otherwise the exaggerated dress will make people mistakenly think that you are attending a makeup ball.Appropriate dressing and accessories can increase the overall feeling, but too much decoration will make the whole feeling look too complicated and affect the sexy feeling.

"Interesting underwear" is not limited to sex occasions

Wearing a sexy underwear is not only a behavior only on the occasion, but also a daily dress in daily life to keep yourself sexy and beautiful.So don’t limit the time and occasions of wearing sexy underwear. It is your feminine charm display that allows you to be fully respected and glory at all times.


As long as you are symmetrical, confident, and sexy, wearing erotic underwear will make you more charming and touching.Now these tips, now you already know how to wear sexy underwear.But remember that you must pay attention to the details when wearing a sexy underwear, so that you can even be excited.May all female friends be confidently showing the most beautiful side in fun life.

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