Xinjiang style dirty dress


Xinjiang is a mysterious place, with unique history, culture and customs.Its rich cultural heritage and diverse national customs are inspired by the design of local sex lingerie.Xinjiang style underwear naturally integrates oriental cultural characteristics with modern fashion, becoming the first choice for fashion people and sexy women.This article will introduce you to several sexy underwear with Xinjiang style characteristics.

Goddess choice

This erotic underwear is made of lace and tulle material, and the tight design makes the figure more prominent.The flower pattern and the chest of the chest show gorgeousness and graceful temperament, which symbolizes the beauty of nature.The length of the shoulder straps and straps can be adjusted by itself, which is more suitable for women of different shapes.

Wild and charming

This sexy underwear specially adopts a dark tone design, reflecting the strong and wild nature of Xinjiang women.The unique lattice pattern and golden jewelry make the entire underwear more dazzling. The elegant Victorian flower is inlaid in the middle of the chest ornaments, exuding a noble and gentle atmosphere.

Hua Wu Hongchen

This sexy underwear uses red tone, adding mysterious and enthusiastic atmosphere to women.The decoration and simple shape of temperament reflect the elegance of Xinjiang women.The rich and complicated embroidery skills add unique artistic value to the underwear, symbolizing the rich cultural heritage of Xinjiang.

Flowers and rain

The design of this sexy underwear is inspired by the ancient wedding ceremony in Central Asia. It combines flowers, lotus and water lines to show restrained but detailed cultural heritage.The human -shaped back design perfectly shows the female back curve, which is an irresistible sexy underwear.


The design inspired by the starry sky perfectly shows the personality and charm of Xinjiang women.The black background is dotted with the star and meteor pattern, revealing a mysterious and romantic atmosphere.What echoes this is transparent material and charming body lines, perfectly showing the beautiful curve of women.


The design of this erotic underwear is made based on the costumes of the Dorcho era. With black as the main tone, it is intertwined with golden patterns and gold buckles, which reflects the noble, elegant and mysterious temperament of women.The entire shape reflects the meticulousness and luxury of the East. While perfectly showing the beautiful curve of women, it fully shows the noble character of women.


This sexy underwear emphasizes the importance of exercise and health.Good breathability and high comfortable style provides sports women with the best choice to wear during fitness.In design, comfortable and fashionable combination, fashionable dress, closely fit the body, and better present the female’s body advantage.

Wedding dress

The design of this sexy underwear is inspired by wedding dresses, mainly pink and white, with a retro swing.The interweaving of lace and chiffon perfectly shows the beautiful temperament of women.The design elements of the tassel hem are generated by a beautiful flower by swinging their postures, expressing their longing for marriage and life.

Sexy "Red Wall" model

This sexy underwear uses red, bright and enthusiastic, making people unforgettable at a glance.The fibrus and corset are used to embellish the pattern of "red wall" as the element, perfectly showing women’s personality and charm.The design element of tooth petal shows the charm of oriental aesthetics, which is irrelevant.


This article introduces you several sexy underwear with Xinjiang style characteristics.Each style has its own unique style and characteristics, so that women have more choices on different occasions.The national culture and diversified aesthetics of Xinjiang have injected new blood into the development of sexy underwear.

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