What to do if the clothes are transformed into sexy underwear

Title: What should I do if the clothes are transformed into sexy underwear

If you want to reinvigo passion on the bed, a sexy sexy underwear is an essential prop.However, sexy underwear does not have to spend a lot of money to buy, because some old clothes can also become very sexy sexy underwear by transforming.So, what should I do if the clothes are transformed into sexy underwear?Let’s take a detailed answer for you.

Paragraph 1: Buy clothes

To transform clothes into sexy underwear, you must first buy appropriate clothes.When buying, you need to pay special attention to the fabric. High -quality fabrics can make the underwear and breathable and more comfortable.At the same time, choosing elastic fabrics can also make underwear more close and more figure.

Paragraph 2: Design

Design is one of the difficulties to transform clothes, because a good sexy underwear requires both sexy and comfortable.When designing, you can refer to the design inspiration of some brands, or design a underwear that suits you according to your figure and preference.

Paragraph 3: Cutting

After designing, it will start to cut.When cutting, you need to pay special attention to the accuracy of the size, because the inaccurate size will make the underwear unable to be comfortable and personal.At the same time, we must also pay attention to the fineness of the tailor. Rough cutting will make the underwear look rough and affect the aesthetics.

Paragraph 4: sewing

After cutting, sewing is needed.At this step, high -quality lines and needles need to be used to ensure the quality of sewing.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the order and fineness of sewing, because these are all factors that affect the wearing of underwear.

Paragraph 5: Add details

A good erotic underwear requires details to embellish them. These small details can make underwear more sexy.For example, you can add details such as lace and sequins to the underwear to make the underwear look more charming.

Paragraph 6: paint

In order to make the sexy underwear look more sexy, you can add some paint to the underwear.But pay attention to the color and texture of the paint. High -quality paint can make underwear more modern and sexy.

Paragraph 7: washing

The original clothes can be thrown directly into the washing machine, but the sexy underwear needs to be more detailed.When washing, special underwear washing fluid was needed to avoid damage to the underwear for the chemicals of the detergent.

Paragraph 8: Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to maintaining sexy underwear.You need to put underwear in the dust bag to avoid the quality of the sun and humidity affect the quality of the underwear.At the same time, it is necessary to avoid mixing underwear and other items, because the chemical composition of other items will cause damage to the underwear.

Paragraph 9: Wear

After transforming the fun underwear, you can start wearing.When wearing, you need to pay special attention to the size. Only a suitable sexy underwear can be comfortable and personal.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the elasticity of the underwear when wearing to avoid hard and too loose.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion

By transforming clothes, you can save money to buy sexy underwear, and you can also turn those old clothes into sexy sexy underwear.Pay attention to each step to transform clothes, and the mistakes of any step will affect the dressing effect of the underwear.However, in any case, you can be more sexy and charming in bed through clothes to become sexy underwear.

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