What procedures are needed for sex underwear stores

What procedures are needed for sex underwear stores?

Registered company and business license

The sex underwear store needs to register a company first, and you can choose the appropriate company types according to the actual situation, such as limited companies, shares Co., Ltd., etc., obtain corresponding identity certificates, registration certificates, etc.

After obtaining the company’s registration, you need to apply for a business license. This is the main document of the business certificate. To obtain the business license, you need to provide the company’s relevant certification documents, image photos and other materials.

Contact the fire department

For sexy lingerie stores, it is necessary to contact the fire department. The fire department can review the safety of the store to ensure the safety of consumers’ lives and property.

Apply for tax registration certificate

In addition to business licenses, sex underwear stores also need to register tax registration to obtain tax registration certificates. This is the confirmation of the tax management department for the operating venue. It is necessary to submit relevant certification documents, taxpayer identification numbers, tax types and other materials.

Get a business license

Before opening a sexy underwear store, it is necessary to obtain local business licenses, and materials such as relevant qualification certificates and local business regulations need to be obtained.

Apply for fire permit

The sex underwear store needs to obtain a fire permit, and the fire permit needs to be submitted to the fire department to submit relevant applications to the fire department. It needs to provide the store’s floor map, evacuation plan and safety facilities.

Obtaining hygiene permits

The sex lingerie store also needs to obtain a hygiene license. The health license is the administrative license of the health department. It is necessary to provide relevant materials in the store environment and product hygiene quality.

Apply for trademark registration

Before operating a sexy underwear store, it is necessary to apply for trademark registration. Trademarks have an independent legal status and can protect the legal business rights of merchants.

Apply for business license

After obtaining the above license, the sex underwear store also needs to conduct approval of the market supervision department to obtain a business license. The business license can protect the legal business rights of the merchant.

Purchase of goods requires a certificate of qualification for inspection

In the process of running a sexy underwear store, merchants need to provide qualified certificates for the inspection of the product, which can protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and avoid quality problems.

The specific process may vary from the region

The procedures for the application of sex underwear stores may vary from regions and countries. The details need to communicate with the relevant local departments by themselves to ensure that all procedures are complete.


It is very cumbersome to go through the sex underwear stores, but this is the responsibility that the sexy underwear store must assume, and it is also a guarantee for consumer rights and interests.Merchants need to understand relevant local regulations and laws, follow the compliance processes, and truly contribute to consumers’ health.

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