What are the names of sexy underwear

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear refers to those underwear for sexual or sexual stimuli. They are usually more sexy and seductive than ordinary underwear. There are some unique sexy underwear design that can help enhance women’s confidence and add enthusiasm for husband and wife.The design of sexy underwear is not limited to color, material, and shapes. There are many types, suitable for different body shapes and styles.

Different from the design type

Sex underwear has a variety of names, which are usually named according to design types.For example, Babydoll, BodyStocking, Bralette, Bustier, Camisole, and so on.These names usually describe the material, length and silhouette of the underwear.

Babydoll sexy underwear

Babydoll sexy underwear usually refers to a short skirt or shorts, usually matched with a loose corset.This underwear is usually relatively loose, vibrant, and is very suitable for innocent and lovely girls.

Bodystocking sexy underwear

BodyStocking sexy underwear is designed for those who like tightness and restraint.It is usually a tight conjoined underwear that covers the entire body, but it is made of transparent linen, stockings and other materials in important parts.Wearing this underwear can look sexy and increase some irritation.

Bralette sex underwear

Bralette sex underwear usually refers to a bra without a cup or a soft cup.This underwear is often matched with lace, mesh grid and other materials, making women’s bodies more tempting and sexy.

Bustier sexy underwear

Bustier sexy underwear usually refers to a tight underwear with a design similar to a bray cup, making the chest look fuller.The material of this underwear is usually material, silk and other materials, making women very sexy and charming.

Camisole sex underwear

Camisole sex underwear refers to a kind of underwear similar to pajamas, usually made of slim silk, transparent gauze or comfortable cotton fabric.This underwear can be worn on the bed or as a sexy equipment at night.

According to the use of use

In addition to classifying the name of the sexy underwear, it is classified according to the use.Such as SM sexy underwear, role -playing sex underwear and so on.

SM sexy underwear

SM sex underwear refers to those underwear used with SM toys. This underwear is different from traditional underwear. Its material is generally thick, and some will attach SM elements such as hook buckles and metal rings.

Role playing sexy sheet

The role -playing erotic underwear is to meet the needs of couples to play.In this sexy underwear, you can play different roles, such as the professional roles such as stewardess, nurses and police. This kind of sexy underwear can increase sexual interest and enrich life.

You need to choose the right sexy underwear according to the body shape and occasion

Different body shapes and different occasions need to choose different types of sexy underwear.If you are thinner, you can choose Babydoll and Bralette sexy underwear, which can look more cute and innocent, and also increase sexy.If you are full of figure, you can choose a tight underwear like Bustier, which can highlight your body advantage.


Interest underwear has the characteristics of sexy, self -confidence and excitement.Different erotic underwear is suitable for different people.If you want to increase the fun of life, then sexy underwear is a good choice.At the same time, you also need to choose sexy underwear suitable for your body shape and occasion.

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