Fei Mu Lu’s Backing Interest Underwear


As a mysterious and seductive underwear, sexy underwear has always been favored by the public.Show sexy and beautiful has also become a psychological need for women.Among the many sexy lingerie brands, the strap -style sexy underwear launched by Mu Mu has attracted much attention and has become a clear stream in the underwear industry.

1. Materials and crafts

衣 Mulu’s sexy underwear uses high -quality lace fabrics, soft texture, comfortable and durable.In terms of craftsmanship, the comfortable and breathable soft bag and side side technology make the clothes more close and not easy to get the ball.

2. Unique design

衣 Mulu’s sexy underwear is mainly used for the design of the strap, which will arrange the lace elements that play a dreamy effect on the back and bottom of the clothes, adding women’s wide back and shoulder and neckline to modify the figure.The unique design style both takes into account the sexy, but it will not make people look too wanton.

3. Color matching

The color of Fei Mulu’s sexy underwear is mainly red and black. Red represents the tenderness and sexy of women, while black represents the mystery and charm of women. The combination of two colors enhances the charm of women.

4. Applicable scenarios

Suitable for party, marriage, Valentine’s Day and other occasions, making you more confident and charming on important occasions.

5. matching method

Fei Mulu’s playful underwear is not only suitable for single -piece wearing, but also matches all kinds of external items, such as wide -leg trousers and knee skirts, etc., which can make you show charm.

6. Dressing effect

Fei Mulu’s backflakey underwear is unique in the back, which is easy to highlight the shoulders and back lines at the same time, closely matches the body lines, especially modifying the back beauty of the back, which greatly enhances the beauty of the body’s lines.

7. Cleaning maintenance

In order to ensure long -term use, it is recommended to wash it by hand, rinse with flow water, and do not wash it with a washing machine to avoid problems such as the burrs, shrinkage, deformation caused by friction.Drying in the sun can remove mold, but avoid the sun exposure for too long, so as not to affect the quality of the clothing.

8. Consumer feedback

According to user feedback, Mu Lulu has excellent quality of lingerie, fine workmanship, high comfort, and complete size.Moreover, the strap design does not cover the shape of naked back or T -shirt, and there is no feeling of strain.


Fei Mulu’s sexy underwear is one of the popular underwear in recent years. It can not only create sexy charm, but also have been widely recognized.At the same time, the matching of various colors has also provided consumers with more choices.It is a good choice whether it is worn on the body or presented to friends as a gift.

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