Wearing short skirts sexy underwear

Wearing short skirts sexy underwear

Wearing short skirts and sexy underwear has always been a secret weapon for women.The perfect combination of the two can not only enhance self -confidence, but also make them more sexy and charming.So, what should I pay attention to in choosing and matching?

1. Choose the type that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first determine the type based on your body, skin color and personal preference.Including sexy lace, temptation nets, sweet lace and other types.Different types are suitable for different occasions and clothing, and you need to consider carefully when buying.

2. Consider color matching

The choice of underwear color is very important.You can choose the color that is similar to the color of the short skirt, such as black, red, etc., or you can choose according to your preference.The quality of color matching is related to whether the overall effect is satisfactory.

3. Pay attention to the quality of the fabric

The quality of the fabric of the underwear directly affects the comfort and health of wearing.It is recommended to choose a cotton with better breathability, fabrics with better lace texture, etc. You also need to pay attention to the quality problems with low price of underwear, which should not be selected.

Fourth, suitable size and style

When buying underwear, it is best to measure the weight first and choose a style that suits your size.Different styles of people and matching methods are different.Such as a beautiful breasts suitable for squeezing chest underwear and slimped people are suitable for three -point underwear.

Five, the choice of short skirt style

When choosing a short skirt style, pay attention to the matching of the underwear.Such as short tight skirts are suitable for high -waist underwear or thong; loose skirts are suitable for paired with lace -side nightdress or tight pants underwear.

Six, the choice of diamond pants type

Diamond -shaped underwear looks more sexy for conventional underwear and more charming with short skirts.Suitable for those who are slim, such as short skirts and high heels, the sexy index is absolutely explosive!

The advantages of high waist underwear

High -waist panties are suitable for some fleshy girls, which can not only play a role in self -cultivation, but also weaken the presence of the small belly.With short skirts, the crotch and waist lines can be modified to make the figure more perfect.

8. Sexy role -playing

If it is a private performance for lover, you can consider sexy role -playing.Such as nurses, student clothes, maid costumes, etc. are a good choice.This will not only make you stunning, but also make your lover look forward to you and enthusiasm for you.

Nine, suitable occasions

Wearing short skirts and sexy underwear are suitable for some occasions with sexy requirements, such as daily life, party, romantic dating, etc.As long as you choose different matching methods under the requirements of the occasion to make yourself more charming.

10. The best secret weapon

Wearing short skirts and sexy underwear can not only make yourself more confident and charming, but also become the best secret weapon.In social occasions, you can better show your sexy and charm, and get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Wearing short skirts and sexy underwear is not only a sexy and beautiful display, but also a release of confidence and strength.As long as the appropriate choice and the correct way of use can usher in more surprises and joy.

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