Wearing fun underwear to work inside

It may still be a taboo behavior for many people to work in sexy underwear.However, it is a way to make people feel confident, sexy, and attractive.However, if you want to wear sexy underwear during work, there are some things and skills that need to be considered.

1. Appropriate underwear size is the key

First of all, it is very important to wear suitable sizes, not just sexy underwear, but for any kind of underwear.Too large or too small size can cause unnecessary or discomfort.If you are not sure of your size, you can go to a professional underwear shop for measurement and selection to avoid unsuitable or uncomfortable sizes.

2. Choose comfortable fabrics

In addition to the size, fabrics are also the key points that need to be considered.Choosing comfortable fabrics is the basis for ensuring that you feel comfortable, confident and sexy.Soft, breathable, and skin -friendly fabrics are ideal choices.Of course, different people have different choices and preferences.

3. Pay attention to color matching

Color matching is also very important.You can choose a sexy underwear with the same color as your clothes, or you can choose to match the color with the clothes.It should be noted that if you choose the color of the underwear, you can choose a model or dark color with similar colors or underwear under the jacket or pants to avoid embarrassment when the occasion is improper.

4. Consider the occasion and temperament

Although it is a sexy underwear, it also needs to be selected according to the occasion and its own temperament.If you are participating in a formal event, you can choose a retro or simple underwear style.If you want to highlight your sexy and charm, you can choose a simple style, but the fabric is soft and bright in sexy underwear.

5. Don’t be too exposed

Although the design of sexy underwear is diverse, the over -exposed underwear is not suitable for work.Even wearing such underwear in some occupations is not allowed at all, and you need to comply with the corresponding etiquette and regulations.

6. Pay attention to the details

The details of underwear are also crucial.Reasonable shapes can make your figure more highlight and perfect.At the same time, the appropriate combination is also an important means of "Queen of Influence".

7. Use vests of skills

If you still have doubts about wearing sexy underwear on work occasions, you can try to wear a solid or simple vest and hide the sexy underwear inside.In this way, you can feel your sexy and self -confidence without affecting the professional image.

8. Sex underwear is not limited to black

Most people think that only black and red are the color choice of sexy underwear, but it is not.White, purple, pink, blue and other colors are very suitable for sexy underwear.Choose your own color and style to increase your charm and self -confidence.

9. Don’t make sexy underwear a professional barrier

Society’s views on sexy underwear are different. Some occupations even prohibit employees from working on sexy underwear.Therefore, before considering the problem of wearing sexy underwear in work, please understand the relevant regulations and etiquette of the occupation.

10. Viewpoint display: there must be proper courage and good attitude

In the end, I think to work in a sexy underwear is a way to show my sexy, confident and charm. Of course, it is necessary to have proper courage and a good attitude.The excessive sexy or improper style of wearing will affect the efficiency and occupational image of the work, and need to be selected and rational on the basis of skills and specifications.

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