Wearing a sexy underwear, my boyfriend

Wearing a sexy underwear, my boyfriend

1. Choose suitable sexy underwear

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear is the primary step of a boyfriend.First of all, you need to understand your body characteristics and preferences, and at the same time, you must also consider the taste of your boyfriend.For example, if you have a protruding chest, you can choose a sexy underwear with back and low -cut, so that the boyfriend’s eyes are shining.

2. Determine the occasion and time

The next thing to consider is the occasion and time wearing sexy underwear.If you are indoors, you can choose a relatively ambiguous moment, such as before taking a bath or lying on the bed.If it is in public, you need to choose a more hidden place, such as hotel rooms or leasing venues.

3. Create atmosphere

The boyfriend’s boyfriend not only put on sexy underwear, but also needs to create a suitable atmosphere.You can turn on the soft light, play some romantic music, and even lit some fragrant candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

4. Wear jewelry and accessories

The matching of sexy underwear is inseparable from some accessories and accessories.You can choose some jewelry inlaid or diamond earrings, necklaces and other accessories, or wear some stockings, gloves, lace lace support to increase interest.

5. Pose and movement

After wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to posture and movements.You can make some sexy and beautiful movements to increase the effect of people. For example, leaning on the wall, climbing your hands on the door, bending over your hair, and raising the back tail are more intimate actions.

6. Use perfume

Perfume is also a good way to be embarrassed.Not only can you increase your breath, create your own taste, but also make your boyfriend addicted to it.

7. Express self -confidence and charm

The success of her boyfriend also needs to express self -confidence and charm.You can express your attitude and style through self -confident language and attitude, and let your boyfriend feel your strength and confidence.

8. Pay attention to details

The details are also very important. Pay attention to the neatness of the underwear, the flatness of the surface, the breathability of the underwear, and the texture and color matching of the underwear.

9. Respect yourself and each other

Boyfriend is a kind of interest and self -expression, but also needs to respect the bottom line of yourself and the other party.Do not cross each other’s patience in behavior and words, otherwise it will affect psychological conditions and feelings between the two.

10. Points at the end

After the fun of the boyfriend disappears, you need to pay attention to the end of the end. You can quietly take off your sexy underwear, and you can also make a relaxed chat and communication with your boyfriend to relieve emotions.


In short, wearing a sexy underwear boyfriend is a pleasant experience, but you need to pay attention to appropriate occasions, details, posture, and language to achieve better results.However, don’t forget to respect the feelings and bottom lines of yourself and the other party, in order to truly enjoy this taste and fun.

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