Wear sex underwear, wearing breast clip novels

Wear sex underwear, wearing breast clip novels

When people think of sexy underwear, some irritating and passion pictures often appear in their minds, such as beautiful women wearing sexy erotic underwear, with a variety of bright accessories, giving a mysterious and charming feeling.But when wearing a sexy underwear, what taboos need to pay attention to, and how to correctly match and use the milk clip?Let’s discuss it together.

1. Taboo 1: "Don’t blindly pursue revealing"

When wearing sex underwear, many people will pursue nakedness, but we need to be clear that sexy underwear is for your other half. Pursuing excessive exposure is easy to lose beauty and mystery.

2. Taboo 2: "Don’t match too complicated accessories"

Many people think that when wearing sexy underwear, if they are paired with too much accessories, they will look more sexy and charming.But in fact, too complicated accessories will look cumbersome, and it will easily block the beauty and details of sexy underwear.

3. How to choose a sexy underwear style that suits you?

When choosing sexy underwear, different styles are suitable for different figures and temperament.A healthy body is suitable for choosing tight styles. People with elegant temperament are suitable for choosing simple and generous sexy underwear. People who are not confident can make breakthroughs from color. Choose sexy underwear suitable for them to truly exert its charm.

4. How to match sex underwear?

In order to make the figure look charming and sexy in order to make the figure look charming and sexy, the first constraint is the figure.Therefore, when matching, you must consider your body in detail and choose the category and size of the decorative shape.If you are more than 40 years old, try not to match as much as possible. The pleasing and generous style is the best match.

5. About milk stickers

Milk stickers are a small object commonly used on sexy underwear.The milk sticker is used to stick it on the nipples. Avoid seeing when wearing a breast sticker, you can see it, so that the entire shape looks more regular and clean, so the use of milk stickers is also very important.

6. Use the milk clip cautiously

Women are wearing fun underwear and constantly obtain a sense of support from the chest, or if they want to improve the shape of the breasts, they can try to buy rich or elastic sexy underwear below.In addition, with a milk clip, it can prevent breast sagging, which looks healthier and beautiful.However, it should be noted that choosing a milk clip must be functional, otherwise it will impact the breast.

7. How to wear a milk clip correctly

When people buy a milk clip and bring them, it is necessary to ensure that the breast clip is not too tight, which will affect the blood circulation of the breast and the heart of the air flow, which will affect the health of the breast.In addition, the chest shape should be evenly distributed. Do not let the chest be bundled and squeezed. It can feel normally without pain and itching.

8. How to clean and maintain sexy underwear?

First of all, do not wash the fun underwear with a laundry machine, just wash it with hand.Avoid the place where the sewing body is used to avoid damaging the sexy underwear. At the same time, the color should be separated when cleaning.After cleaning, use the natural conditions with good water absorption and dry white towels or disordered water absorption towels, and then put it upside down to let it naturally understand the soft low temperature environment.Essence

9. Choose the sexy underwear of the Cardamom Nianhua

A lot of people may pass the sexy underwear and old -fashioned and unreasonable door. In fact, the current sex underwear brands of people’s companies are no longer only bright in color.The color is simple, fashionable and small and fresh, and other categories. While collecting the trend of Europe and the United States and the situation of the city, it brings you more sexy and charm.

10. Summary view

Wearing a sexy underwear is not just to bring other happiness to the partner. Women who wear sexy underwear will also take care of and beautifying their own shape and beauty. They will know more common sense about sexy underwear, be good at using it, and then we can be inTraveling in the world of sexy underwear, feel more and more rich and wonderful.

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