Wear sex underwear, take pictures of friends circle


With the development of social media, we are more and more like to share our lives in the circle of friends.Wearing, sexy underwear has become a choice for more and more women to take pictures.However, what problems do you need to pay attention to when wearing sex underwear photos?

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

First of all, it is critical to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Factors such as the color, style, size and fabrics of sexy underwear will affect the effect of the photo.If you do n’t know your favorite style, you can choose a few more models to find out the style that suits you best.

Master the scene reasonably

It is also very important to choose the right scene when wearing sex underwear.It is best to choose a warm and comfortable environment, so that you can not only make you more natural, but also make people feel your sexy and charm.

Pay attention to posture and expression

Photo posture and expression are also an important factor affecting the effect.A reasonable posture can better display the material and design of sexy underwear, and natural and comfortable expressions can make the photos more infectious.

Avoid being too exposed

When choosing a sexy lingerie style, although it is your purpose to show sexy, please avoid being too exposed or vulgar.This will not only play the effect you want, but you will lose the information you want to convey.

Choose the right filter

When processing photos, filters are also very important.Proper adjustment can make the photo brighter, soft and comfortable, and also make people feel your unique style and personalized performance.

Keep confidence and optimism

Wearing a sexy underwear is not only to show off your body, but also to show your faith and optimism.Maintain this mentality so that people can feel your confidence and charming while getting sexy.

Don’t rely too much on vanity

Share sexy underwear photos in the circle of friends has certain risks. If you rely on your vanity or perfectionism, you may have adversely affected your image and social relationship.Therefore, we must treat each sharing of yourself rationally.

Attitude and boundary must be clear

Finally, sharing sexy underwear photos must have a clear attitude and boundary.Only when communicating with friends, sharing the appropriate content will be more in line with their own style and personality, and it will make people more trust you.


It has become a fashion to share photos of their own sexy underwear on social media, but this does not mean that everyone is suitable for this.It is important to maintain your dignity and personality while enjoying freedom and expressing yourself, as well as a sense of responsibility and respect for social networking.

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