Video cleanliness sexy sheet

Introduce the technology of video cleaning sex underwear

If you are a sexy underwear expert, or you have tried to wash your sexual erotic lingerie, then you may already know how difficult and time -consuming you are.However, now there is a new technology, that is, using video to clean your sexy underwear.This technology allows the cleaning process to be very simple and convenient, making your sexy lingerie appear in front of you like new ones.Below, let’s take a look at how this video cleaning technology is realized.

Tools and materials

Before starting a video cleaning your erotic underwear, you need to prepare some tools and materials.These include:

A device specifically used for video cleaning

Appropriate amount of cleaning liquid and decontamination agent

A laundering bag or similar barrel for protecting your erotic underwear during cleaning

Prepare your sexy underwear

Before you start the cleaning process, make sure you are ready to clean the sexy underwear.Put them together to be more efficient when cleaning.Similarly, check any unclean on each sexy underwear, and use appropriate pollutants to treat them before cleaning.

How to work in equipment

The principle of video cleaning equipment is to shake the stains of sexy underwear through high frequency water sound waves.Under normal circumstances, the use of such cleaning equipment is extremely simple.All you need to do is put the sexy underwear in the device, add an appropriate amount of cleaning liquid, and press the button to start the device.

Cleaning time

The time of sexy underwear video is different from the equipment.Although this is a rough estimate, a conventional cleaning takes about 15-20 minutes.During this period, the device will shake sexy underwear, let the stain fall, and completely clean your sexy underwear.

Personalized choice

You can use a variety of detergents and deodorants to make your cleaning effect more personalized.For example, you can use cleaning solution with bleaching agents or other color enhancers.Some erotic underwear may require stricter cleaning operations, so please make sure to read the use of cleaning equipment before cleaning.

Dry your sexy underwear

When you have finished cleaning, please take out your sexy underwear and they will not completely dry.In order to quickly dry, it is best to place the sexy lingerie in a well -ventilated position, and gently pat the dryness with a towel.In most cases, within a few hours, your sexy underwear can be completely dry.

Best maintenance

Once you clean it, make sure that the sexy underwear is completely dry and stores in a conventional manner.This will help protect your sexy underwear and extend their service life.


Although video cleaning is a very effective method of sexy underwear cleaning, not all situations are applicable.Some erotic underwear may need to be cleaned by hand because they may be made of more detailed materials.In this case, it is best to avoid using video cleaning equipment.


In summary, video cleaning is a convenient and efficient cleaning method, which is very suitable for most sexy underwear.However, in order to ensure satisfactory cleaning results, please ensure the instructions for the use of cleaning equipment carefully and use appropriate cleaners and pollutants.Before the erotic underwear cleaning, it is best to read more information about the process of cleaning to get the best results.

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