Wear sex underwear and customers


In modern society, sexy underwear has been increasingly accepted and has become a popular fashion.However, wearing sexy underwear is still a more sensitive topic for many people.In business negotiations, what impact will wearing sexy underwear on communication with customers?This is a question that many people are interested in.In this article, we will explore the related issues of wearing sexy underwear and customers, so that readers can understand the appropriate occasions, ways of dressing, and precautions.

Suitable occasion

First of all, wearing sexy underwear must be decent and appropriate.When negotiating with customers, there are many factors that need to be considered, and clothing -related factors must also be considered.To maintain a professional, decent and respectful image, you can choose a simple and generous underwear with a style to avoid too sexy and exposed styles.

Way of wear

After choosing a suitable sexy underwear, it is very important to understand how to wear.Avoid sexual underwear as much as possible, especially when negotiating with customers.Must maintain a decent and decent image at all times, so as to ensure the smooth development of business negotiations.


In addition to wearing methods, you should also pay attention to some details.For example, do not be too tight, transparent or exposed; ensure neat and clean when wearing, there is no stain or other unhygienic phenomena; in addition, choose a sexy lingerie that suits you, and fully consider your body and face.

Choose the right style

It is also very important to choose a suitable sexy lingerie style.The style is not only related to the personal figure, but also consider the surrounding environment and instrument, and choose the color and style of the pleasing eye.In business negotiations, it is best to choose a relatively simple style to avoid too sexy or too complicated design.

Material selection

The material of sexy underwear is also one of the factors that need to be tested.Select the sexy underwear of comfortable, breathable, and moisture, and avoid choosing a style that is too heavy or too weak.At the same time, when choosing the material, consider matching with personal skin to avoid adverse phenomena such as allergies.

Matching of accessories

The matching of accessories will also affect the effect of sexy underwear.If you need to wear sexy underwear in business negotiations, do not use too exaggerated accessories, such as too large necklaces and too many earrings.Correctly and properly choose accessories can allow you to win more scores for yourself in business negotiations.

Selection of sexy underwear

The color choice of sexy underwear is very important, which can reflect personal taste and temperament when wearing.In business negotiations, choosing neutral colors or simple white will be more conducive to creating a decent image.The colorful and too complicated sexy underwear is not suitable for wearing in business negotiations.

Other precautions

Wearing erotic underwear in business negotiations, in addition to the above points mentioned, also pay attention to some other problems.For example, do not adjust sex underwear at will during business negotiations, and do not adjust your posture and wear too often.Maintaining natural and decent state is more beneficial to themselves and each other.

in conclusion

The cooperation between wearing sex underwear and customers is a very sensitive issue that cannot be answered simply.Everyone’s views on erotic underwear are different. The most important principles that need to follow are in business negotiations with a physical, professional, and respectful image, so as to obtain more business benefits.

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