Wear sex underwear and cook husbands

Wear sex underwear and cook husbands

Wearing sexy sexy underwear, making a table of delicious meals, surprise her husband, this is the happy dream of many women.However, is it really safe to wear fun underwear?Let’s discuss it.

Choose sexy underwear suitable for cooking

The first step is to choose a sexy underwear suitable for cooking.Different types of sexy underwear are suitable for different scenes.If you want to cook, it is best to choose those comfortable and breathable sexy underwear, not those sexy but impermeable clothes.

Prevent oil stains from getting dirty and sexy underwear

The second step is to prevent oil stain from getting dirty and sexy underwear.When cooking, sweat splashing is common.Therefore, pay special attention not to let the oil stain on the sexy underwear.You can choose a darker sexy underwear so that it will not be too conspicuous even if it is soiled.

Clean sexy underwear

The third step is to clean the sexy underwear.After cooking, you must replace the sexy underwear immediately and do a good job of cleaning.You can use water and professional detergent to clean sexy underwear, so that you can maintain the beauty of sexy underwear and prevent bacteria from generating.

Avoid contact with body contact with the body

The fourth step is to avoid oil stain with physical contact.Oil stains will not only stain sexual underwear, but also cause irritation to the skin.Therefore, in addition to keeping cleaning, you should also pay attention to avoid oil stain with physical contact. For example, you can tie the apron and cover the chest.

Avoid injury

Step 5, pay attention to avoid injuries.Kitchens such as oven, stoves, tools, etc. are highly dangerous, and should be avoided when wearing sexy underwear.If you really want to experience the fun of cooking in erotic underwear, you can choose to try it with confidence without involving dangerous utensils.

Avoid burns

Step 6, avoid burns.When cooking, heat and flames are common.Pay attention to protect yourself when wearing sexy underwear and avoid burns.

Avoid liquid and other liquids such as turning oil, water

Step 7, pay attention to avoid liquid and other liquids.When overturning the liquid, it is easy to burn yourself.When wearing a sexy underwear, be careful.

Choose a safe sexy underwear brand

Step 8, choose a safe sexy underwear brand.There are many sexy underwear brands on the market, but not every brand is safe and gentle.It is recommended to choose some well -known brands or well -received brands, so as to better protect yourself.

in conclusion

Although it is very interesting to cook in sex underwear, there are many places to pay attention to.In order to avoid damage and accidents, choose sexy underwear that is suitable for cooking, do a good job of cleaning, and pay attention to avoid oil, danger and burns, etc., you can safely and assured the fun of wearing sexy underwear to cook.

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