Video of the story of lizard wearing sexy underwear

Lizard put on sexy underwear?

Recently, a video was circulating on social media. In the video, a group of lizards wearing different styles of sexy underwear. The scene was quite interesting and caused heated discussion among everyone.Does this mean that the lizard also needs to wear sexy underwear?Let’s discuss this topic.

Why do lizards wear sexy underwear

First of all, we need to understand a background information. These lizards are not wild lizards, but pet lizards that are artificially domesticated.The tamer is not out of care, but for business purposes for the pet lizard.The lizard wearing sexy underwear is easier to attract people’s attention, increase the popularity of merchants, and obtain more profits.

How does sex underwear affect lizards

The impact of sexy underwear on lizards is not completely harmless.Especially those sexy underwear with poor quality may cause damage to the body of the lizard, such as wear, too tight.In addition, wearing erotic underwear will also affect the capacity and lifestyle of lizards.

Conflict between human culture and lizard demand

The behavior of wearing sex underwear itself involves the concept of human culture, and the lizard cannot understand these concepts. The reason why it is put on sex underwear is entirely because humans dominate them.Whether this pet culture is too imposed on the lizard is indeed worth our thinking.

Pet lizard needs protection

Lizard, as an independent life body, also needs to be respected and protected.The love of pet lizards cannot be only people -centered satisfaction, but to respect their natural habits and laws of life.As human beings, we cannot lose their ability to think rationally while paying attention to the needs of pet lizards.

The commercialization of the pet market

In addition to lizards, many other pets are often showed off with strange costumes, and people are regarded as entertaining puppets to satisfy people’s unlimited expansion vanity.In order to obtain more profits, merchants often ignore the health and needs of pets themselves, making unhealthy, inhumane pets chaotic.How to make such commercial pet markets more rationalized, we need to think carefully.

Pet protection laws and regulations improvement

At present, relevant laws and regulations in China are not perfect, and the state’s attitude towards pet protection needs to be further strengthened.Thinking carefully and exploring pet protection laws and regulations can protect the rights and healthy growth of pets.

Reflection of the "Sex Lingerie Lizard" incident

The "sex lid lizard" incident may be just a small thing, but we can see many problems and reflections from it.When we start to pay attention to and protect the pets around ourselves, we start from small things and fundamentally improve the morality of a society.


The significance of protecting pets is to be less cruel, more love and responsibility for the whole society.When we are concerned about small things, we have already started to protect a society. The love we give to pets is also our protection and watch for our civilization.

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