US sexy underwear survey

US sexy underwear survey

With the development of society, sexy underwear has gradually been accepted by people, and it has become a major choice for many people’s free time.This article will investigate the US sexy underwear market and learn about the situation of American sex underwear from multiple aspects.

1. Market scale

According to industry reports, the annual sales of the US sex underwear market are gradually growing, of which, this year is expected to reach $ 8 billion.This shows that the US market’s demand for sexy underwear is very large.

Two, style characteristics

The design of American erotic underwear is diverse, mainly to highlight the effects of sexy and tempting through different materials, colors and styles.For example, opening jumpsuits, thongs, cat women’s uniforms, lace with erotic skirts, etc. are all special styles of American sexy underwear.

3. Consumers

The consumer group of American sex underwear covers people of all ages, but the main consumer groups with women aged 25-44.However, the proportion of male consumers has gradually increased in recent years.

Fourth, sales channel

The sales channels of American sex lingerie are relatively wide, mainly including retailers, online markets and professional stores.Among them, the online market and professional stores are a channel for consumers to buy more.

5. Price range

The price range of American sex lingerie is relatively wide, usually from dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars.The sexy underwear of the same material and style usually comes from the reputation of its brand and design team.

6. Brand competition

Many sexy lingerie brands have emerged in the American sex lingerie market, and the brand competition in it is also very fierce.Coca -Cola, Victoria’s Secret, Hamilton, and Adoreme are well -known and influential brands in the market.

Seven, quality requirements

Imported sexy underwear in the United States needs to meet the US standards, while US standards have higher quality requirements compared to domestic.There are strict requirements in the selection of materials, the operation of the process, and the details of the production.

8. Cultural background

The popularity of American erotic underwear is not only related to market demand, but also closely related to the cultural background.The influence of Americans in terms of sexual concepts is more open than domestic. The sexy and tempting elements brought by sexy underwear are more in line with the American aesthetic concepts.

9. Future market

In the future, with the gradual expansion of the sexy underwear consumer market, the prospects of the American sex underwear market will be very broad.In addition to women in the future, the demand for male consumers will gradually increase.

10. Viewpoint

In summary, the US sex underwear market has huge potential and development space.We have reason to believe that after continuous innovation and research and development, the American sex underwear market will have better development and growth.

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