The woman tells me that she has fun underwear

The woman tells me that she has fun underwear

Recently, I met a female friend. She admitted to me that she had some sexy underwear, which made me very curious.As a sexy underwear expert, I learned that sexy underwear is not only a fashionable and sexy expression, but also represents a sexual autonomy and freedom attitude.In this article, I will share some types of sexy underwear and purchase suggestions I know, hoping to help all female friends choose a sexy underwear that suits them.

1. Lace erotic underwear

Lace is a very popular style in sexy underwear.They are made of thin and light lace fabrics, which attaches importance to details and outlines, which can show the elegance and sexy of women.Lace erotic underwear usually has the characteristics of triangular cups, broadband and connecting straps, which can be used for usual wear or as a sexual evening dress.

2. satin sexy underwear

Saton sexy underwear is a typical elegant, sexy and pajamas underwear.They usually have telescope and are made of smooth satin fabrics.Common colors of satin sexy underwear include black, red, purple, etc., which are suitable for elegant choices for night.

3. Pink color erotic underwear

Pink sexy underwear is a soft, sweet and cute sexy underwear that makes women show soft, sweet and cute.They are usually composed of pink fabrics and interesting patterns, which can bring confidence and sunlight to women.Pink sexy underwear is suitable for wearing day and evening, making you tenderness of women.

4. Open -split sexy underwear

Speak sex underwear is a underwear composed of pants heads and cups with asymmetric tailoring.Their design has a large amount of tailoring and top -level materials. This sexy underwear conveys a strong, self -confidence and dedicated attitude to women.Moreover, the split sexy underwear is suitable for very confident and courageous women.

5. Leather sex underwear

Leather sex lingerie represents an independent, avant -garde and polarized attitude, and it looks very cool.They are usually made of quite tough fabrics and have a comprehensive and shaped effect.Leather sex underwear is suitable for self -confidence, strong and adventurous women, and it may bring free feelings to wear.


The meat pornographic underwear has a delicate, soft and amazing texture, and looks very luxurious in the lingerie.Their color may be the same or similar to women’s skin tone, which allows any women in the body to be sexy and gender advantage in the past.Meat pornographic underwear is a elegant choice suitable for wearing on special occasions.

7. Everbright sexy underwear

Everbright lingerie is a flash, charming and alternative style that cannot be ignored.Their materials include plastic, fiber and fiber, which can make shiny light in the dark.Everbright underwear is suitable for music festivals, nightclubs or any places that need to be noticed.


The shoulder -free erotic lingerie is a style with female chests as focus.They are usually made of elastic fiber and wearing fabrics, with the characteristics of unloading steel brackets, cleaning films, or mixed cotton pads.The shoulder -free erotic underwear is suitable for wearing a dress or an off -the -shoulder top to make women more confident and beautiful.

Nine. Pajamas sexy sheets

Pajamas erotic underwear is an overall, comfortable and relaxed style.They are usually made of soft, thin texture, and they are composed of simple cutting.Pajamas sex underwear has different styles of choices. Some styles can be worn as home clothes, and some styles can be used as sexy underwear evening clothes.

10. Suggestions for buying fun underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, first consider the comfort of underwear.Keeping the elasticity, breathability and texture of underwear.At the same time, ensure that the size is appropriate, do not buy too tight or too large underwear, otherwise it may affect comfort and aesthetics.Finally, choose a sexy underwear that suits you, try to follow the style and temperament of personal favorite, so that you are confident, freedom and beauty.

in conclusion:

Whether you want to show sexy, soft, classic, polarized or other styles, there are various choices in sexy underwear.It is important that these sexy lingerie styles can once again represent themselves, and together with confident women, show their attitude of self -autonomy and freedom.And choosing the right sexy underwear for yourself is also a very important aspect in the process of expressing your attitude and choice.

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