The chest is too small, I can’t afford to support the sexy underwear

1. The effect of the chest size

The body is proper, but because the chest size is not plump, you make you resent?How to solve this problem when choosing sexy underwear?First of all, we need to understand that the size of the chest has a decisive effect on the wearing effect of sexy underwear.If the chest is too small, the wearer will appear more weak under the inappropriate underwear.

2. Selection of underwear materials

Choosing a material that is suitable for wearing can make our body better breathe.For the breasts below the B cup, wearing a fibrous lingerie with a certain thickness of the fiber material will make the chest look fuller.At the same time, you need to pay attention not to wear material underwear that can easily reduce your chest, such as lace underwear, too tight underwear, and so on.

3. The choice of popcorn cup and concentrated style

For those who are not plump on the chest, the popcorn cup and the concentrated style of sexy underwear will be a better choice.The popcorn cup style can be filled with the surface foam to increase the three -dimensional feeling of the chest and shape a more moving curve.The concentrated style can make the chest look more plump and sexy by pulling the spacing of both sides and aggravating the thickness of the underwear.

4. Add buffer pads

When wearing a sexy underwear, we can increase the fullness of the chest by adding a buffer pad.This cushion is generally thin and light, and it can be easily put into the underwear cup, making the chest look larger and more three -dimensional.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the size and thickness of the buffer pad when wearing, so as not to let the underwear fall off or too unnatural.

5. V -word collar and deep V style

For people with insufficient breasts, you can choose a V -shaped collar or deep V -style sexy underwear.These styles will make the neckline drooping, extend the visual outline of the chest visually, and increase the fullness of the chest.At the same time, these styles will make the wearer look more sexy and charming.

6. Use of chest stickers

If the requirements for underwear are higher, we can choose to use chest stickers.The chest paste is usually a special glue, which will be close to the lower part of the chest to simulate the more natural and plump chest lines.Although it does not need to wear underwear, the choice of clothes also needs to be extremely cautious to avoid affecting the appearance effect.

7. Appropriate size

When choosing sexy underwear, we also need to pay attention to the appropriate size.If you choose too large size, although the clothes are loose and comfortable, it will make your chest look smaller.Selecting a small size will cause too much squeeze when wearing, affecting your health.

8. Consider dynamic wear

If we need to conduct dynamic activities, such as running, walking, etc., we must also pay attention not to choose a style with too loose and elasticity when choosing sexy underwear, so as not to shake too much during exercise, affecting the normal activities of the wearer, which affects the wearer’s normal activitiesEssence

9. The maintenance of the figure

In addition to the correct selection of affectionate lingerie, maintaining figure is also an important part of maintaining the effect of wearing.Proper exercise can make our body better and make the effect of wearing sexy underwear better.At the same time, it is also necessary to adhere to good living habits, healthy diet, etc. to improve physical fitness.

10. End language

In summary, the problems of the chest size and shape have an important impact on selecting affectionate underwear.Choose the right underwear style and material, use appropriate auxiliary tools, and exercise the body. These are the key to maintaining the effect of wearing.I hope these methods can help everyone, wear confidence and charm!

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