The story of the couple’s sex lingerie

The story of the couple’s sex lingerie

Interesting underwear, as an artifact that improves sexual interest and adds fun, has been favored by couples in recent years.Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear will not only use special designs and materials, but also highlight the sexy and charm of couples.Let ’s take a look at the fascinating story after wearing sexy underwear!

Story 1: Miss Zhang and Mr. Li’s buyer show

Miss Zhang and Mr. Li are couples who have reached the marriage.One day, they came to the sexy underwear shop to buy underwear, and they wanted to take the selected underwear home and play privately.However, after seeing the other party wearing a sexy underwear, they were almost crazy.So I tried crazy in the store and showed the flesh, so that everyone in the store praised their enthusiastic.

Story 2: Mr. Li’s surprise

Buying sexy underwear in sexy underwear shops is not only a matter for women, but men will also buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends or wives as Valentine’s Day gifts.A careful man, Mr. Li, bought a set of sexual erotic lingerie on Valentine’s Day and gave it to his girlfriend Xiaoli.Xiaoli was very moved to see Mr. Li’s intimate move, so she put on a sexy underwear and performed an unprecedented private show for Mr. Li, which fascinated Mr. Li.

Story 3: Ms. Su’s unexpected harvest

Ms. Su and her husband are a particularly loving couple. They found that wearing sexy underwear seemed to lit the fire between them again.At this year’s birthday party, Ms. Su accidentally received an unexpected gift after wearing a sexy underwear -her husband kissed her in front of everyone, making her feel the glory and pride that had never been before.

Story 4: Miss Li’s creativity

In the sex lingerie store, a lady Li is a very creative woman.She likes to buy all kinds of strangely shaped sexy underwear, not only for her feelings, but also to bring new stimuli to her boyfriend.Every time they play together, Miss Li continues to create new sexy underwear tricks, becoming an expert in sexy underwear players.

Story 5: Mr. Jiang’s cheerfulness

In the lives of many husbands and wives, sexual life has gradually become monotonous, and the contradiction between husband and wife has gradually accumulated.However, there is a couple, but because of the small props of sexy underwear, they make their gender relations more harmonious.Faced with his wife in sexy underwear, Mr. Jiang’s performance was extremely cheerful. Every time he hugged his wife, he seemed to fall in love with her again.

Story 6: Miss Zhao’s youth

Miss Zhao is a middle -aged woman in her forties. She has rich emotional experience and sexual experience.When she put on a sexy underwear, she seemed to return to the era of charming and full of youth.She is happy to play with her young lover and enjoy the wonderful youth.More importantly, the charm sexy underwear made her find her confidence and self -esteem.

Story 7: Mr. Yang’s discovery

Many men like the beautiful buns of sexy women, various heavy makeup and high heels that fit their figures.However, sexy underwear has emerged among these beautiful things.Mr. Yang found that sexy underwear can replace other sexy elements, and it is more practical for him.Whenever Mr. Yang’s wife put on a sexy underwear, his desire seemed to lit a match.

Story 8: Mr. Zhang’s drive

When a family has a good day, emotional fatigue may occur between parents.However, sexy underwear can change this state.In fact, in a warm family, sexy underwear will become the leader of other family members.For example, Mr. Zhang bought a set of sexy lingerie to his wife. Each family member would experience it after seeing it, and secretly looked forward to wearing such a sexy underwear one day.

Story 9: Ms. Wang’s confidence

When buying sexy underwear, people often pay more attention to appearance and design, but the adaptability and comfort of sexy underwear are also important.When buying sexy underwear, Ms. Wang pays attention to the size of the underwear and wearing effect.She found a good erotic underwear that can make her confident and double the charm.Therefore, wearing sexy underwear is not only to satisfy the desire of the partner, but also to make yourself more confident and beautiful.

Story 10: Mr. Cheng’s change

Mr. Cheng is a workaholic and has almost no time to appreciate the two world with his wife.However, after entering the sex underwear store, he found that sexy underwear can bring him some changes, and can stimulate his enthusiasm and better treat work and marriage.Wearing sexy sexy underwear can dissolve the fatigue of work, making work, marriage, and life more balanced and happy.


It can be said that sexy underwear has brought more fun and changes to couples.It can not only make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious, but also improve personal confidence and charm.Therefore, whether you buy it for yourself or give it to your lover, sexy underwear must be a unique gift.

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