The price and variety of sexy underwear

Sex underwear type

Interest underwear is a special underwear, which is mainly used to enhance sexual taste and fun.According to different needs and needs, this underwear can be divided into multiple types:

Beauty erotic underwear: It mainly emphasizes aesthetic and beautiful appearance, and usually uses lace, perspective, satin cloth, etc.

Sexual feelings: mainly emphasize sexy and teasing, and usually use ultra -thin fabrics and hints of design.

Adult erotic underwear: It mainly emphasizes the coordination between adult products and sex toys, and is usually used with other toys.

European and American sex lingerie: It mainly emphasizes European and American fashion and sexy, and usually uses more exposed and high -quality satin fabrics.

Spring underwear price

The price of sexy underwear is usually different from the brand, quality and selected materials.Under normal circumstances, the price range is from tens of yuan to hundreds.Here are some common price range of sexy underwear:

Entry -level: The price is from tens of yuan to more than 100 yuan, and usually cheaper and conventional fabrics are usually used.

Middle range: The price is between one hundred and 300 yuan, and the materials and design are more high -quality and complex.

High -end: The price is between 300 and 500 yuan, and high -quality and unique fabrics and design are usually used.

Luxury models: The price is more than 500 yuan, and it is usually used with rare luxury fabrics and complex designs.

Sexy underwear brand

The brand and manufacturers in the field of sexy underwear are also different. The following are some of the well -known brands:

Victoria underwear: Victoria’s secret is one of the world’s most famous sexy lingerie brands. Its products are complete, diverse, and excellent.

Sowev, Lamborghini, Jordan Barler: These brands are well -known domestic sexy underwear brands. Its design is unique, diverse in style, and rich in color.

Haosha, L’Oreal, and Bai Yini: These brands are also popular sexy underwear brands nowadays, with excellent quality and cost -effective.

Seasoning location of sexy underwear

Sex underwear can be purchased at multiple different locations:

Fun underwear store: These stores are usually located in the city center or shopping center of the city, and will also provide other sex products.

Taobao/Tmall: Taobao and Tmall are the official online retail stores of some sexy underwear brands. It is convenient and reasonable to buy.

Amazon: Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world. Its products are complete and quality assurance.

Local stores: Some local stores may also sell sexy underwear, but the species of commodities may not be complete.

How to wear erotic underwear

For those who try sexy underwear for the first time, they may not know how to wear it.Here are some simple ways to wear:

Bra+underwear combination: This is the most common combination method, suitable for those who try sex underwear for the first time.

Dress: This sexy underwear is usually systemic and can wrap most of the body.

Belids: This kind of sexy underwear usually can only cover the nipples and lower body, which is suitable for people who are more challenging themselves.

Falling underwear material

Sex underwear usually uses special fabrics and materials to achieve fun and teasing.

Lace: Lace is one of the most common materials in sexy underwear. It is thin and slender, which can increase sexy and aesthetics.

Perspective fabric: Perspective fabric is a common fabric. It reveals the outline of the skin and makes people feel more sexy and tease.

Ultra -thin fabric: There is almost no cover of this fabric, which can show women’s body curves, making people feel more tempting.

Leather and latex: leather and latex and other materials can increase the texture and sexy of sexy underwear, but it is relatively low.

Size of sex underwear

The size of sexy underwear is usually not much different from the size of ordinary underwear. The following are some common sizes:

XS: Suitable for 68-72 cm bust and waist circumference of 56-60 cm.

S: suitable for 73-77 cm bust and 61-65 cm waist circumference.

M: Suitable for 78-82 cm bust and 66-70 cm waist circumference.

L: It is suitable for 83-87 cm bust and 71-75 cm waist circumference.

XL: Suitable for 87-91 cm bust and 76-80 cm waist circumference.

Wash of sexy underwear

The material of sexy underwear is usually special, and the cleaning method also needs special treatment:

Hand washing: Fun underwear cannot be washed with other clothes, and you need to wash alone.

Wash warm water: warm water can help remove stains, but do not high water temperature.

Do not dry: Interesting underwear should not be dried at high temperatures, it can be air -dried naturally.

Do not use bleach: bleach may damage the fabrics and materials of sexy underwear.


The varieties and prices of sexy underwear are rich and diverse. Different needs and needs can choose different materials and fabrics.You can choose multiple different channels when purchasing, but you need to pay attention to the quality and adaptability of materials and design.When cleaning, you need to take a special way, do not over -damage the fabrics and materials of the sexy underwear.If you want to increase sexual interests and interests, sexy underwear may be a good choice.

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