The maximum erotic underwear factory

The maximum erotic underwear factory

Guanyun is an industrial gathering area located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, and is one of China’s largest sexy underwear production bases.In the cloud, there are many sexy underwear factories, and the largest one is the group.Established in 1999, the company was one of the earliest private enterprises in the field of sex underwear.Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research, production and sales of sexy underwear.

Design and R & D

The Group focuses on design and research and development, and will launch new sexy lingerie styles every year.The company’s R & D team consists of more than 200 elites. They continue to study underwear fabrics, styles, and tailoring. In the design, they focus on the combination of comfort and sexy, and provide consumers with comfortable healthy underwear and sexy sexy underwearEssence

Production Process

Ge Group has a set of advanced production processes.There are professional personnel to check from the process of selecting materials, tailoring, seams, stickers, packaging, etc.The fine production process of the product ensures the quality and cost -effectiveness of sexy underwear.

Sales channels

The sales channels of the Group mainly include online and offline.Online sales are launched through e -commerce platforms and self -employed official website, such as Tmall, Taobao,, etc., offline sales channels involve many shopping malls, counters and physical stores across the country, such as major shopping malls, flagship stores, brand stores, etc.Sales channels are network, allowing consumers to buy their favorite erotic underwear in a better price and faster time.

Brand influence

As a leading company in the sexy underwear industry, the Group has continuously improved its brand influence.The company has won many national and industry honors, such as "National Civilized Unit", "Famous Trademarks in Jiangsu Province", "Jiangsu Provincial Product Quality Trusting Unit", "China’s Funeral Underwear Brand Top 100" and so on.The company actively participated in charity and public welfare activities and made a lot of contributions to enhance the social image of the brand.

Social responsibility

As a large enterprise, the group has always regarded social responsibility as an important part of the development of the enterprise.Through various forms of public welfare activities and social donations, they contribute to the society.At the same time, the company attaches great importance to the life and working environment of employees and continuously improves employee welfare benefits and working environment.

Focus on women’s health

From brand positioning to product design, production and sales, Ge Group has always paid attention to women’s health and is committed to providing women with comfortable, healthy, and beautiful sexy underwear.The company actively participates in the "Sunshine Health Plan", raised women’s health awareness, and promoted women’s health.

sustainable development

Ge Group has always focused on sustainable development strategies, focusing on green environmental protection and resource conservation.The enterprise actively improves the environmental problems of the production process, vigorously advocates "green manufacturing" and "green consumption", and launched a variety of environmentally friendly materials and underwear made of regenerative fiber.

market expectation

With the improvement of consumption level and the improvement of people’s quality of life, the sexy underwear market will become larger and larger, with broad development prospects.With many years of experience and technological advantages, Ge Group will occupy a leading position in the sex underwear market and achieve greater development.


As a leading company in the field of sexy underwear in China, Gu Group is not only a follower of women’s health and beauty, but also achieves the sustainable development of the enterprise itself and has contributed to the society.It is believed that in the future development, the Ge Group will definitely create more value and make greater contributions to women’s health and beauty.

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