The latest fashion sexy underwear show


With the continuous development of erotic culture, sexy underwear has also become a highlight of the fashion circle.The latest fashion sexy underwear show has attracted a lot of fashion enthusiasts with its superb design and gorgeous stage effects. It is an important place to show the fashion trend.

Brand recommendation

In order to meet market demand, major brands at home and abroad have been exploring the design and production of sexy underwear. The most representative brands include Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, etc.These brands are unique with their exquisite design, noble fabrics and excellent versions.

design concept

In terms of design concept, sexy underwear hopes that women can feel comfortable and show women’s sexy and charm after wearing it.Therefore, in design, focusing on the shaping and prominentness of women’s curves, selecting fabrics with good texture and comfortable touch, and given a strong visual impact of sexy underwear through innovative design.

Theme style

The theme styles of sexy underwear are diverse. The most popular themes currently include Japanese and Korean style, European and American style, retro style, etc.Designers usually inject different elements in design, such as bow, lace, embroidery and lace.

Color matching

For color matching, sexy underwear brands usually use different colors such as warm tones and cold tones to create different sexy charm through clever matching.For example, red and black color matching is usually considered the sexiest color matching.

Fabric selection

The fabrics of sex underwear are usually linen, lace, and silk. These fabrics have the characteristics of good texture, strong breathability, and comfortable wearing.At the same time, designers are also exploring new fabrics, such as new materials such as simulation silk and aminoly.

plan the details

In terms of the design details of sex underwear, brands often pay attention to the processing of details, such as knotting, embroidery, etc. These details not only make the texture of the underwear better, but also increase the fashion and uniqueness of the underwear.

fashion trend

The trend of sexy underwear is the same as the fashion industry. It is constantly changing and updating. For example, this year’s popular design includes black lace, bow, Victorian style, etc.In design, it also emphasizes personality and diversity, including the splicing, three -dimensional tailoring, and flipping of front and rear flip.


As one of the important display in the fashion industry, sexy underwear is no longer just only functional underwear, but more emphasis on visual effects and aesthetics, so as to become a must -have in the hearts of fashionable pursuits.With the continuous development of the brand and the increasingly mature design concept, we believe that sexy underwear will also bring us more surprises.

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