Taobao’s most commenting underwear


On the one hand, because there are more and more sexy underwear on the market, and on the other hand, the life of the husband and wife is becoming more and more open, making sexy underwear more and more popular with more and more people.As China’s largest e -commerce platform, Taobao has a large amount of sexy underwear for sale. So what are the most interesting lingerie in Taobao?Let’s announce it for everyone.

The best sexy underwear for comfort

Commentary is one of the factors that must be considered when choosing sexy underwear, because only by wearing comfortable erotic underwear can you make the sex experience more pleasant.According to the most commenting underwear, TOP1 deserves to be the Internet celebrity brand MIEYCO. The comfortable underwear launched by many netizens is loved by many netizens.

The most beautiful sexy underwear

Of course, in appearance, sexy underwear must also be the most beautiful.The most beautifully reviewed sexy underwear is "Yanshu" from the brand Ladymiss.Its design focuses on the beauty of women’s body curve, and also pays more attention to the choice of details and fabrics, making women wearing it more energetic.

The most sexy sexy underwear

The pursuit of sexy sexuality is also inevitable for some bold women.The most sexy underwear on Taobao is the "linen" from the brand Wanna.This sexy underwear is very suitable for summer. While ensuring sexy, it can also pass through the whole summer comfortably and naturally.

Interesting underwear that is more affordable for the people

Speaking of sexy underwear, many people think of high prices.However, in fact, there are many sexy underwear on Taobao. The most comments on Taobao are the "cute rabbit" from the brand Qianximao. It is only 87 yuan. It is not only cheap, but also cute and economical.

Funny underwear with strong functionality

In addition to beautiful, sexy and comfortable, sexy underwear should also be able to play a certain function.For example, some sexy underwear can not only effectively improve the form of women’s chest, but also play a certain role of pushing a role, hiding the defects of women’s bodies.The most functional sexual sexy underwear comes from the brand Jesse ’s Secret Sanheyi Lover. It can wear ordinary underwear and each part of each part for novel matching, which is very creative.

The best sexy underwear

In addition to design and quality, the material of sexy underwear is also a element that needs to be considered.The best -looking sexy underwear with the most comments is the "cool lotus" from the brand Lienzy. It is made of natural linen as raw materials. It is very breathable. It not only has a very good sense of dressing, but also pays more attention to environmental protection and health.

Personalized sexy underwear

In addition to the sexy underwear of conventional models, Taobao also provides personalized and customized sexy underwear, which can meet the needs of different women for personalized clothing.And the most commentary personalized sexy underwear is the "muse dance" from the brand Annajolly. It can customize the perfect sexy underwear according to your body size and individual habits.

Falling underwear suitable for various occasions

The last thing to introduce is sexy underwear suitable for various occasions.The largest number of Taobao comments is the "goddess charm" from the brand Feipusi. It can be used as a holiday underwear that shows femininity, and it is more suitable for wearing special days such as Valentine’s Day and anniversary.

in conclusion

In general, sexy underwear is very suitable for the life experience of couples, and Taobao also provides a large number of sexy underwear choices.The most commenting underwear listed here is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope that everyone will choose according to the situation of their needs.

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