Taobao sex underwear shop recommendation brand

Taobao sex underwear shop recommendation brand

1. Love Ran

LOVE RAN is a brand specializing in women’s sexy underwear.Its design is simple and sexy, with distinctive colors, comfortable materials, and wearing both beauty and comfort.This brand is very popular on Taobao, with moderate prices and suitable for young women to buy.

2. LA secret

LA secret is one of the brands that women like.It is moderate sexy, the design style is fresh and cute, the fabric is comfortable, and the price is very affordable.Its products are rich in style, not only underwear, stockings, suspenders and other items, but also peripheral products such as suits, sex props.

3. Interesting underwear

This brand is characterized by mature and sexy. It is suitable for some women with plump figures. Its underwear cutting and line design are very in line with ergonomics. It is not only beautiful to wear, but also makes people feel very comfortable.The price of this brand is relatively high, but its materials are very good, and it is not easy to deform when wearing comfort.

4. LoveLorn Love

LoveLorn is a well -priced sexy underwear brand, which is characterized by simple design and sexy.Its product material and fabric are comfortable and not easy to degenerate.This brand has a variety of styles, including thin band lace models, ultra -thin visual models, etc. Each is full of romantic and female charm.

5. Tingmei

If you like a unique design style and pursue sex sensitivity, then you will not miss the brand of Tingmei.Its underwear style design is unique. It is characterized by hollow, lace, leather and other materials. It is full of interest and is suitable for some women who are pursuing trendy fashion.

6. Merryfun Beautiful Life

Merryfun’s beautiful life is a brand specializing in women’s sexy lingerie.Its design is beautiful and colorful. When wearing, it is comfortable and reflects sexy and fashionable.Its quality is relatively stable, the fabric is strong, and it is not easy to deform for a long time.

7. Skysom

Skysom is a sexy and mature sexy underwear brand. It is mainly black. The design is very special. It is also more sophisticated with accessories and styles.Its material and fabric uses environmentally friendly and comfortable cotton and silk. The price is relatively high -end, suitable for some women who are pursuing.

8. Yan Di underwear

Yan Di underwear is a product brand of sexy underwear pants. Its design style is unique and is particularly biased towards personality style. Gorgeous design, matching and shapes are very unique, suitable for young and fashionable women to wear.Its material fabric is comfortable and the price is moderate.

9. Tempting incense shoulders

Tempting incense shoulders are one of the leaders in the domestic sex lingerie market.Its design is like a signboard. It is loved by women, with moderate prices and suitable for women at different levels.Its product has a variety of products, and the material is composite fiber, and the fabric is also very rich.

10. Zi Kou sexy underwear network

Zi Kou’s sexy underwear network is a very large -scale sexy underwear online shop.Its style is sexy and intense, and the color is concentrated in black, red, purple, etc., suitable for women who like bold and open.Its price and diverse styles are not only underwear, but also related products such as sex props.

in conclusion:

The above brands are all brands with good reputation and sales in Taobao sex underwear stores. Each brand has its own characteristics. Consumers can choose according to their preferences.However, before buying, you must carefully understand the details of the size and fabric in order to choose the product that suits you best.

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