Stealing the sexy underwear of Auntie

Stealing the sexy underwear of Auntie

Accidental discovery

Last weekend, I went to visit my big aunt. She was a humorous and cheerful woman.During the chat, I found that there were some fancy underwear in her room, and some of them were obviously sexy underwear.I can’t help but feel curious.


After returning home, I often think of the sexy underwear of my aunt, and I can’t help but think about whether I should try it.When I was in a shopping mall, I couldn’t help walking into a sexy underwear shop.The heart is full of adventure and stimulation.

Difficulty in choosing

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This is my first attempt, so I feel a little afraid.But when I walked into the underwear store, I found that I was fell down by various sexual underwear fans with different colors and materials.Which one to choose seems to be a problem.

Suggest for help

After half an hour of selection, I still couldn’t choose. It happened that the sales staff in the store saw my distress.She provided me very friendly and helped me find a set of sexy underwear suitable for her body and preference.

Try to use

After returning home, I couldn’t wait to try on the newly bought sexy underwear.Although I felt a little uncomfortable at first, I got great enjoyment over time.The feeling of freedom and relaxation is that I never thought that I would appear on me.

Different from traditional underwear

The design of sexy underwear is to pursue more aesthetics and sexy, not just to protect and support the body.For example, the shoulder straps and strap texture are clever design to better cooperate with the body curve.At the same time, there are various small accessories and accessories on the underwear, such as lace, sequins and bow, which is bright.

Release the mind

Wearing a sexy underwear can help people release their body and spiritual constraints.It can make the body free, while inspiring people’s desires of self -confidence and sexy in their hearts.This is why underwear has become an indispensable part of many people’s pajamas.

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Change daily life

Wearing a sexy underwear can also make daily life more exciting.When you are doing daily activities, such as shopping, shopping, gathering or spending with your partner, sexy underwear will help you emit more self -confidence and sexy temperament, which cannot be ignored.This is one of the reasons why many people choose to wear sexy underwear.

A combination of love and sex

Interest underwear is not just a simple piece of clothing, it combines love and sex.It not only provides support and protection like traditional underwear, it is also a passion and sexy carrier.It can ignite the passion between partners and make love more flexible.

In short,

Interest underwear is one of the very important clothes in our daily life.It allows you to release your mind and lead you to understand the beauty of your body.At the same time, it can also change your daily life and love life.As modern women, we should bravely try and accept new things, including wearing sexy underwear.