Spray water to the dish of sexy underwear

Spray water to the dish of sexy underwear

What is spraying water in the plate and sexy underwear

The sexy underwear in the plate is a relatively novel sexy underwear toy. Its name comes from its shape. Below it has a small water spray mouth that can spray liquid to the plate above.

Spray water to the type of sexy underwear in the plate

At present, there are many types of erotic underwear on the market on the market, including ordinary monochrome styles, shiny styles, transparent styles and embroidery styles.Moreover, they have many materials, which can be soft silk, lace, nylon, etc.

How to use water spraying to the dish of sexy underwear

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Use water spraying to a dish for sex underwear. First of all, you need to put the plate at the interface below, and then add your favorite liquid. Here you can choose water, fruit juice or champagne.Next, put on the underwear, and align the small water spray mouth with the plate to ensure that the liquid sprayed can fall into the plate.

Pay attention when using

You need to pay attention to the following matters when using water spraying to the dish. First of all, underwear needs to be suitable for you to avoid discomfort.Secondly, you need to choose the appropriate liquid to avoid stimulation and damage to the skin.Finally, you need to pay special attention when cleaning to avoid damaging underwear.

The application of water spraying to the dish of sexy underwear

Swimming to the dish of sexy underwear is suitable for various occasions, such as girlfriends games, Valentine’s Day or birthday and other holiday gifts. Welcome friends to meet.It can bring some fresh experiences and fun, thereby enhancing the intimate relationship between couples.

The benefits of erotic underwear in the plate spray water

There are many benefits to the use of sexy underwear in the plate. First of all, it provides couples with a novel way to enhance feelings.Secondly, it can help couples get rid of conventional and monotonous sexual ways and enhance interest and fun.

Suggestion of the purchase of sexy underwear in the plate

If you are going to buy water spraying to a dish for sexy underwear, it is recommended to go to some large -scale sexual products stores or buy it on an e -commerce platform.When buying, pay attention to choose regular stores to avoid buying low -quality and fake and shoddy products.

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Other erotic underwear attempts

In addition to spraying the sexy underwear in the plate, there are many other types of sexy underwear to try, such as the role -playing series, lace tulle series, and sex clothes.Each sexy underwear has different shapes, materials, and use methods, and you can try it according to the taste of yourself and his partner.

Using sexy underwear needs to be cautious

Pay attention to caution during the process of using sex underwear. Do not take pictures or videos without permission to avoid privacy leakage.In addition, the quality and cleanliness of the underwear need to be checked during use to ensure the safety of use.

Swimming to the view of sexy underwear in the plate

We should not have too stereotyped concepts or prejudice for using water -spraying toys with sexy underwear in the plate.Before trying, it is recommended to communicate and understand with the partner to ensure that both parties can feel comfort and satisfaction when they use them.Only with the voluntary and understanding of both parties can sexy underwear play the greatest role.