Star sex lingerie endorsement

Star sex lingerie endorsement

1 Introduction

With the changes in the times, sexy underwear is no longer a personal item, but has become a fashion choice for more and more women.In order to better promote brand and promotion products, more and more brands choose to invite some well -known stars to endorse their sexy underwear.

2. The benefits of celebrity endorsement

Star endorsements can help brands spread information faster and better.Consumers who have never heard of the brand, seeing stars wearing this sexy underwear, will be curious about the brand and want to try.Star endorsements can also increase brand awareness and reputation, so that consumers have a stronger desire to buy.

3. Zhang Jingyi effect

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Zhang Jingyi is a Chinese actress who became popular because of his outstanding performance in Yanxi Raiders.And her endorsement of sexy underwear brand Lapielle also attracted countless consumers because of her joining.Lapielle brand said that after Zhang Jingyi endorsed, the brand’s sales have doubled.

4. Kardashian effect

The Kardashian family is almost known for everyone.Because of their reality shows and social media, the Kardashian family became one of the world’s most well -known star families.The endorsement effect of members of the Kardashian family is also very strong, and the endorsement erotic lingerie brand will be very popular.

5. Contemporary meaning

Fun underwear brand finding celebrities endorsement can not only promote the brand, but also convey many contemporary feminist ideas to the public.For example, brands can design sexy underwear suitable for various types of body shapes on the grounds of advocating women’s freedom and independence, while celebrity endorsements better preach these concepts.

6. Zero worry about fashion taste

For consumers, the interesting underwear of celebrity endorsements is usually considered better quality and fashion sense.Even if consumers do not know the quality of sexy underwear brands, star endorsements are considered to make consumers more assured to buy.

7. Race and diversity endorsement

It is worth mentioning that colorful races and big "fat" stars such as girls and other stars often bring good social effects.In the process of designing sexy underwear, these brands fully consider various body shapes and races, so that more women can find sexy underwear that suits them.


8. Negative impact of endorsement

Of course, star endorsements may also have a negative impact.For example, the spokesperson because of suspected or indeed something bad will affect the brand’s reputation and sales.To avoid this situation, the brand must consider it carefully when choosing a spokesperson.

9. Summary

In general, the sexy underwear of celebrity endorsement has a positive impact.It can help brands better publicize and promote, while promoting consumers to choose higher quality, better styles, and more fashionable sexy underwear.However, when the brand is endorsement, the risk of the spokesperson must be considered, and the best spokesperson can achieve the best results.

10. Viewpoint

Star endorsement is a way for market competition, but quality and benefits must always be first.When designing sexy underwear, the brand needs to understand the needs of women and pay attention to details. When choosing a spokesperson, we must also consider the risks they carry.