Sexy underwear peak season

Sexy underwear peak season

Fun underwear sales peak season background

With the improvement of people’s living standards, modern society’s pursuit of personalization and interests has become increasingly obvious.In particular, women’s presentation of their own image and the innovation of sexual sex make the product of sexy underwear a new favorite in the market, and the peak season of sexy underwear has naturally emerged.

Sales of sex underwear sales time points

The peak season of sexy underwear sales usually appears in large -scale traditional festivals such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas, and also ushered in a sales climax in the good reputation online shopping platform activities.In recent years, Double Eleven activities have also become one of the peak season of sexy underwear.

Sales of sexy underwear sales during the peak season

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According to the industry’s sales data, during the peak sales season, the sales of sexy underwear will increase by more than 20%, and sales account for about 40%of the total annual total.In addition, the online sales of sexy underwear are more prominent than offline sales, accounting for about 80%of the total sales.

Seasoning product hotspots of sexy underwear sales peak season

Sexy suit products are usually hot spots in the peak sales season. It covers a variety of styles and diverse colors, so it is favored by female consumers.For consumers with special tastes, the SM series has become another highlight of sales.

Season market trend of sexy underwear sales season

The trend of youth and personalization is the dominant trend of the current market, and consumers’ demand for pursuit of personality and comfort is increasing.Therefore, with the growth of consumers ‘demand for sexy underwear, consumers’ requirements for product quality are also being upgraded.

Season purchase method of sexy underwear sales season

With the development of the Internet and mobile Internet, online sales have become the main way to buy sex underwear, and more and more brands have begun to pay attention to online channel sales and services.

Fun underwear sales peak season expansion method

The brand’s expansion of sales channels and views, using activities and promotions on major websites, as well as cooperation with KOL, bloggers, fashion magazines and other channels, is also a common way to expand sales and improve brand image.

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Season of sex underwear sales season customer group positioning

Consumers in sexy underwear are no longer limited to men and women. Female consumers have become leading groups, while medium -to -high -income groups have become core consumer groups.In terms of geographical location, consumer groups are more concentrated in first- and second -tier cities.

Fun underwear sales peak season brand competition

The interesting underwear market is fiercely competitive, and the demand growth is fast, but the number of companies has increased faster. How to establish brand advantages and occupying market share has become an important problem for major brands.Brand innovation, user experience, channel construction, and differentiated planning are also the main means of brand competition.

Marketing strategy of sexy underwear sales season

In addition to launching products for the characteristics of the industry, the current sex underwear industry needs to expand the marketing field. Through data analysis, accurately launch advertisements, interacting marketing with e -commerce platforms and WeChat release, strengthen consumer interactive experience, allow consumers to allow consumers"Play" sexy underwear, enhance the interaction and cost -effectiveness of brands and products.

The power of e -commerce in the peak season of sexy underwear sales

In the case of fierce competition in the sexy underwear market, e -commerce has become an indispensable force for the peak season of sexy underwear sales.The driving and marketing of e -commerce platforms such as Taobao and has made sexy underwear sales a qualitative fly over.


The market prospects in the sexy underwear are broad, but the market competition is more fierce. In addition to the expansion of the market, companies also need to focus on brand folding, product innovation, diversified marketing, close to consumption, and improve consumer experience.Under the trend of branding, it takes advantage.