Shrish shredded stalls sexy underwear

Shrish shredded stalls sexy underwear

Shrish shredded stalls sexy underwear

Since the appearance of sexy underwear, it has been favored by couples.Especially in the fatigue and dullness of life, sexy underwear adds a lot of interest and fun to couples.Today we will introduce a special sexy underwear -shredded pork to sexy underwear.

1. What is shredded pork boiling sexy underwear

Pork opening sexy underwear refers to the erotic underwear left in the crotch or hip of the underwear, making the sexy underwear more teasing and sexy.The special designs of the rusty stalls in the sexy underwear have brought a new rich experience for interest.

2. Classification of shredded pork stall sex underwear

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The stalls of the shredded stall can be roughly divided into two categories: one is to open a small mouth in the end of the crotch and the back hip position, and the other is the whole body covered with mesh shredded gauze. On the wholeEssenceThe former is even more explicit, and the latter looks more gorgeous.

3. The material of the shredded pork stall sex underwear

The stalls of the meat are mainly silk, lace, and yarn. They are mainly soft and meticulous, and are relatively gentle on the skin. Some texture is tough and wear -resistant, and it has the characteristics of comfortable and durable.

4. Performing shredded stall sex underwear wearing feelings

Wearing shredded stalls in erotic underwear usually requires a certain courage and confidence.Because the design of shredded pork stalls, the design of the sexy underwear will expose some privacy parts and enhance the effect of the view through the perspective effect.But to a certain extent, it can also satisfy people’s sexual traces and add interest.

5. The method of wearing shredded on the stall of the meat

Putting on the shredded stall, you need to cooperate with some skills. If you take off the lighter, first drag the shoulder strap of the bra to the back of the back, and pull the entire underwear over the butt, thighs, and calf.Then lift the part of the stomach slightly, and sew the trousers and thighs in the pants buttocks.Finally, put your head into the shoulder strap, put your chest in a suitable position with both hands, and slowly adjust the chest shape.

6. Performing shredded stall sex underwear matching options

In terms of matching, the stalls of shredded stalls can be matched with various clothing, such as lace skirts and small vests.With a pair of high heels, it can create a sexy and charm atmosphere.

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7. Wash of the shredded pork stall sex underwear

The cleaning method of the shredded stall is relatively simple. You can wash it gently with your hands. Do not use the washing machine.At the same time, pay attention to the use of warm water to avoid cleaning hot water or cold water.In addition, do not use bleach or soft agent.

Eight. Suggestions for buying in sexy underwear

When buying shredded pork stalls, you should choose a well -known brand or a guaranteed merchant to buy.At the same time, it is recommended to choose the size and style reasonably according to your own body.For first users, you can choose some relatively conservative styles.

Unique design is suitable for flirting

The shredded stalls in the design of the sexy underwear are unique in design, showing an avant -garde and sexy, suitable for adding fun and flirting fun in the daily life of adult couples.Although we need to have a certain courage and self -confidence, the more you dare to try, the more you can add self -confidence and charm.Therefore, for couples who like to live in fun, trying to open the meat -free sex underwear may make your life more colorful.