Sexy young woman wears sexy underwear and shakes slowly

Sexy young woman wears sexy underwear and shakes slowly


Sexy young women are one of the objects that men dream of, especially after they put on sexy underwear, they are full of reveries.This sexy feeling is not expressed by the clothing itself, but also requires the sexy temperament of the young women to set off.After the young woman puts on sexy underwear, plus a small dance action can show a unique sexy style, making men want to stop.

Sexy young women’s sexy lingerie styles

Among the many sexy lingerie styles, there are sexy young women. It shows sexy collarbone suspenders and sexy underwear, shows the lace hollow and fun underwear of the charming figure, shows sexy backs of sexy back sexy underwear, and so on.Different erotic lingerie styles need to be matched with different body curves to achieve the best results.

Coordination of dance movements and sexy underwear

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At first, the young woman could stand up first, leaning backwards, putting the center of gravity on the heel, and then slowly moved the center of gravity to the toes, so as to perfectly show some of the lace, lace hollow and other effects in the sexy underwear.EssenceLater, you can try to squat down, and then slowly lift the entire body in a squat state. At this time, the shoulder strap in the sexy underwear falls on the shoulders, and the stretch of the chest buttons can be sexy.Better.

The importance of high heels

High -heeled shoes are very important in the process of sexy young women. It can not only make the height of young women appear higher, but also show the advantages of all the body curves of the young woman.In dance movements, you can use some pace of high heels, such as tennis shoes to change into an inner buckle and running, which will make your sexy dance moves more coherent and make men love it.

The rhythm and atmosphere of music

It is also important to choose a music that suits you. Generally, it is based on bright and brisk music; such as popular songs and electronic music.Young women can mobilize the atmosphere of the scene according to the rhythm of the music and make her sexy underwear dance more brilliant.

Sexy dance distance

When acting with a young woman to perform a sexy dance, pay attention to maintaining a sense of distance from the audience, not only showing a sexy atmosphere, but not allowing the audience to feel too close.When you can make your movements smoother and natural, and let men appreciate sexy beauties, there is a sense of distance, which can better stimulate men’s desires.

Dance hand movement

Hand movements are also very important and need to be properly operated.It can be delicate, suffocating, showing different atmospheres such as desire and laziness.If you take a shot, hiding hands, swinging, etc., you can even coordinate with the body movements of the dance, adding a lot of points to the performance.

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eye contact

When performing sexy dance, you need to pay attention to eye communication.Through eye communication, a sexy and mysterious attitude can be transmitted, making men even more confused.

The relationship between sweat and sexy underwear

Sweat may be a uncomfortable thing, so during the performance, you need to pay attention to keeping your face dry.But do n’t worry too much. When performing sexy dance, there will be a lot of sweat. You need to match some good breathability sexy underwear to allow the body to have enough air flow to avoid unnecessary sweat problems.


Sexy young women wearing sexy underwear show a unique temperament and charm.When performing dance performances, it is also necessary to cooperate with the correct dance steps and music to choose. Pay attention to the sense of distance and hand movements presented in the dance, and use eye communication and other skills.Although sweat may make people unhappy, good mood and suitable sexy underwear will make your performance more brilliant.