Sexy underwear interview streets

Sexy underwear interview streets

Street erotic underwear interview

Interest underwear is a very personal costume, and they are often only worn in the corner of the living room or in the bedroom.However, today we interviewed some people on the street and asked them about their views on sex underwear and the purchase experience.The following is our discovery:

Comfort supremacy

When asked about the comfort of sexy underwear, most interviewees believe that this is a key factor that they must consider when buying sexy underwear.A person said: "Fun underwear can’t just look good, they must be comfortable and can continue to stay comfortable after wearing it all night."

Brand is very important

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Many people are more willing to buy well -known brands when buying sexy underwear, because they think that brands can guarantee quality and sexy.A interviewer said: "Recommended brands are important, because the money you pay must be worth it, and they can always bring better design and materials."

Too expensive price is not worth it

Although the brand is very important, the price when buying sexy underwear is also an important consideration.Most interviewees think that sexy underwear should not be too expensive, otherwise it will not be cost -effective.A respondent said: "Some sexy lingerie brands are outrageous. If they look good but too expensive, it is not worth buying."

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Before buying sexy underwear, many people are more willing to compare between different brands and stores.From quality to prices, it helps to find the sexy underwear that suits you best.A interviewer said: "When buying sexy underwear, I always compare in different stores, find the best price, and ensure that the quality is not discounted."

Interest underwear must be close

Many people think that sexy underwear must be close to the body, otherwise they will lose their mystery and sexy.One of the buyers said: "Interest underwear must be close to the body, but it must not be too tight. This will feel more confident and sexy."

Design and details are the key

Most buyers believe that the design and details of sexy underwear are the key factor when they buy.Many people are fascinated by the details of lace lace and the unique design of cutting lines.Another respondent said: "The design of sexy underwear must be very attractive, and there are some unique details. In this way, they will bring you more confidence and sexy."

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Size is very important

When asked about the most considering things when buying sexy underwear, many interviewees expressed their views on the size.One person said: "Please ensure that the size is appropriate, too large will lose sexy, too small will make you feel very uncomfortable." It seems that the size is very important for this very personal clothing.

Applicable to each occasion

People are also willing to wear sexy underwear on more occasions, not just in the days of emotional rising.Many interviewees said that sexy underwear can be worn on different occasions, such as on birthday party, dating and wedding ever.A female interviewer said: "Interest underwear is suitable for various occasions, not just in her bedroom."

Sexy and cute style is the most popular

When asked about the favorite sexy underwear style, buyers think that sexy and cute design is the most popular.A person said, "The combination of lace and puffy skirt gives people a cute feeling. This is one of the hottest designs in sex underwear."

in conclusion

In short, from the interview, we can conclude that when buying sexy underwear, comfort, brand, price, design, details, and size are the main factor that we need to consider.Although sexy underwear is very personal, they can be suitable for different occasions, so that every woman or man feels confident, sexy and happy when wearing.