Girlfriend asked me to buy sexy underwear

Girlfriend asked me to buy sexy underwear

1. Why do my girlfriend let me buy sexy underwear?

When your girlfriend makes such a request, you may feel a little confused and embarrassed.However, this is actually a normal thing.First of all, women feel confident and sexy because they wear sexy sexy underwear, which helps them relax and enhance their confidence.Secondly, sexy underwear is also a way to increase fun and irritating behavior.Not only can we enhance the intimacy of both parties, but it can also bring more excitement and fun to sex.

2. How to choose sexy underwear?

When choosing sexy underwear, first consider the preferences and styles of your girlfriend.Women often have different sexy lingerie styles, such as European and American style, Japanese and Korean style, sex lace, split pants, and so on.In addition, the size and quality are also a key element to consider.Ensure that you can buy sexy underwear suitable for your own size, but also pay attention to quality to obtain comfort and long -term service life.

3. How to buy sexy underwear?

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Buying sexy underwear for your girlfriend can also be a pleasant task.First, you can search for sexy lingerie styles that meet your needs in local or online stores.When buying, you must not only consider price factors, but also ensure good quality, and the style meets the requirements of you and your girlfriend.You can refer to the feedback and evaluation of other consumers in order to make more wise purchase decisions.

4. How to wear sexy underwear?

Wearing sexy underwear is not difficult than other underwear. In fact, there are many styles of sexy underwear and conventional underwear.The key is to ensure that you can buy the right size and wear correctly.It should follow the instructions for the use of attachment to achieve the best results and smooth use.

5. Risk and security issues

Pay attention to some security issues when using sexy underwear.First of all, it is necessary to clean the underwear to avoid bacterial pollution and cause allergic reactions.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to safety at any time when used, if you are fried and uncomfortable with skin.In addition, it is necessary to ensure correct use to avoid any damage.

6. Sharing and understanding each other

Choosing sex underwear is not only a personal choice, but also aspects involving mutual communication and understanding.Because any sexual behavior requires frank communication and mutual understanding of both parties.Ensure that you share your ideas and preferences with your girlfriend to experience and enjoy each other.

7. Novelty and exciting

Using sexy underwear can bring fresh and exciting experiences.When you and your girlfriend use sexy underwear, you can enjoy a different sex experience, making the sexual behavior of both parties more passionate and exciting.In addition, sexy underwear can also deepen the intimate relationship between you and your girlfriend.The most important thing is that sexy underwear has brought more fun and changes to your sex life.


8. Summary

Using sexy underwear can increase the freshness and excitement of sex life, and at the same time, it can also enhance the communication and mutual understanding between you and your girlfriend.When choosing and using sexy underwear, we must respect the wishes and size of my girlfriend, while paying attention to quality and safety issues.Finally, make sure that you and your girlfriend can communicate and understand sincerely, and share the fun and passion brought by the sexy underwear.