Sexual underwear endorsement icon Daquan pictures

Sexual underwear endorsement icon Daquan pictures

Sexual underwear endorsement icon Daquan pictures

As a special underwear, sexy underwear has always been a representative of sexy and romantic.In order to better convey the charm of sexy underwear to consumers, major brands will choose spokespersons and make endorsement icons.The following is the full -scale icon of the sex underwear. Let’s take a look.

Star endorsement icon

Star endorsement is a common propaganda method for sex underwear brands, attracting customers through the exposure of stars.Examples include Lin Zhiling, the spokesperson of the Delilah brand, and the endorsement icon in the picture is her image.In addition, the spokesperson of Victoria’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret) brand is major international supermodels, such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, etc.

Anime endorsement icon

Lace Mesh Babydoll With G-String – 15056

Anime characters are very suitable for spokespersons because people are more likely to accept their image.For example, the figure below is a sex underwear brand endorsed by the senior coser in Japanese anime. The logo design combines the image of the Shirai Fayo Cartoon with the brand font and has a novel form.

Fashion depicted icon

What is more common is to express the charm represented by some abstract symbols.For example, the following picture, it uses black and red as the main color, which makes people feel fashionable, weird, sexy.At the same time, there are bow and red heart -shaped patterns at the bottom right, which highlights the feminine and sexy of women.

Brand logo

The LOGO of the sexy underwear brand has some special elements, such as the LOGO of the Lola Luna brand in the figure below, not only the font Rome oblique body, but also the overall design is very concise.The two curved lines in the logo represent the sexy curve of women, and also represent the design characteristics of the brand underwear.

Skull endorsement icon

Skeleton’s special personality makes them a common endorsement image of sexy underwear.For example, the endorsement icon of the following brand uses a black heart -shaped pattern with a skull, giving a mysterious and sexy feeling.

Sexy girl endorsement icon

Of course, the sexy girl is also a good choice for endorsement of sexy underwear.For example, the following picture is a sexy underwear brand endorsed by sexy girl Fan Bingbing. The endorsement image is the picture taken by Fan Bingbing himself.


Rock element endorsement icon

The addition of rock elements can make sexy underwear more fashionable. The figure below is a brand logo with the theme of rock elements. Among them, the font design is very rock characteristics.Represents the sexy and fashion that the brand wants to express.

National element endorsement icon

Another common endorsement element is ethnic elements. For example, the brand logo in the figure below combines Chinese red with sexy underwear made from traditional Chinese gold velvet, highlighting the brand’s national characteristics.

Small fresh endorsement icon

Recently, the style of "Little Fresh" is becoming more and more popular, and the sexy lingerie brand is no exception, as shown in the endorsement icon in the figure below.The elements in the pattern are fresh and cute, which not only reflects the overall atmosphere of women pursued by the brand, but also in line with the public’s aesthetics.

In general, these endorsement icons not only bring new choices to consumers, but also more and more show the particularity, diversity and vitality of the sexy underwear market.I believe that in the future, on the basis of sexy, more form of sexy underwear endorsement icons will be born!