Sex underwear will vibrate

Sex underwear will vibrate

What is a sexy underwear vibrator

Sex underwear vibers are a very popular sex toy recently. They are usually designed as a kind of sexy underwear or vibration or vibration stick used inside.These vibers are usually composed of a miniature motor, a vibration head, a controller, and a battery.They allow users to enjoy a unique sexual stimulus.

Sexy underwear vibrator type

Basically, sexy underwear vibers can be divided into two categories.The first type is external wearing vibers, usually designed in the form of clip crotch or high waist panties.The second type is the internal use of the vibrator, which is usually designed in the form of vibration eggs or vibration rods.

How to use sex underwear vibers

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Interest underwear vibers can be driven by batteries, and it is very easy to use them.After buying a sexy underwear vibrator, you need to check the instructions of the usage first to understand how to put the battery into the battery box and install the controller.Once the battery and controller is installed, you can choose the vibration strength and frequency as needed, and insert the vibration head into the position you choose.It is best to apply some lubricants before use, which can make sexual stimulus more comfortable.

The benefits of sexy underwear vibers

There are many benefits of sexy underwear vibers.First, they can increase the stimuli of sexual life and improve sexual satisfaction.Secondly, they can introduce more changes in sex and make life more diverse.Third, they can help solve some sexual problems, such as coldness, sexual suppression, and so on.

Sanitary maintenance of sexy underwear vibers

Sex underwear vibers need regular hygiene maintenance to ensure its long -term use.We should clean the vibrator regularly and use the appropriate detergent for disinfection.Before cleaning, we need to remove the battery to prevent the battery box from getting water or causing other dangers.In addition, we also need to pay attention to keeping the dry underwear vibrator.

Applicable crowd of sexy underwear vibers

Interest underwear vibers are suitable for anyone, whether men or women.However, we need to note that if you are pregnant or have any internal diseases, you need to be cautious when using sexy underwear vibers.Children should not use sexy underwear vibers.

Sexy underwear vibrator purchase skills

When choosing a sexy underwear vibrator, we need to pay attention to the following points.First, choose the right size and shape.Second, choose the vibration mode and strength that suits you.Finally, choose a reliable brand to ensure the safety of use.

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Taboo of sexy underwear vibers

When using sexy underwear vibers, we need to pay attention to the following points.First, do not use too much to avoid unnecessary harm to the body.Second, do not use sexy underwear vibers after sleeping or drinking.Finally, do not share erotic underwear vibers to avoid causing the risk of infection and spreading germs.

The care of sexy underwear vibers

Sex underwear vibers need to be maintained properly.We need to replace the battery regularly to clean and disinfect in time to avoid excessive use and stored in direct sunlight.Only in this way can we ensure the performance and life of sexy underwear vibers.

Is the sexy underwear vibrator suitable for you

In fact, using sexy underwear vibers is a very personal choice.If you have sexual problems or want to increase sexual stimuli, using a sexy underwear vibrator may be a good choice.However, you need to consider your physical condition, personal preferences and rational choices.Make sure your sexy underwear vibrator meets your needs and budgets, and can provide sexual stimuli you need.

in conclusion

Sexy underwear vibers are a popular sex toy that can provide very unique sexual stimuli.However, before use, we need to understand its types, methods, benefits, health care, applicable people, purchasing skills and taboos.At the same time, we need to maintain sexual underwear vibers regularly to ensure its safety and life.Finally, we need to make rational choices according to personal needs and budgets to ensure that the selected sexy underwear vibrator meets the needs and provides demand stimuli.