Zombie transformer clothes sexy underwear model

Background introduction

In recent years, "Zombie Walk" has also been known as "Zombie Walking Activities".This activity is that people put on horrible zombie costumes, simulation walking, roaring, rotten and other actions, and walk in the city.But how do people choose suitable coats and sexy underwear to participate in such activities?

Matching clothes matching skills

For men, black is an obvious choice.The best suggestion is to choose a tattered and bloody vertical jacket to achieve realistic results.Sex underwear is to choose colors such as black, orange, red, etc. to enhance the atmosphere.For women, choosing short tops and super short skirts can better highlight sexy. Red and black are two sexy and beautiful colors.

Recommended for sexy underwear style

In the field of sexy underwear, you can choose low -cut, hollow, stockings and other styles.Black and red are prominent colors, sexy colors.Red sexy underwear is suitable for wild, passionate women, and black love underwear is suitable for restrained and elegant and sexy women.The low -cut and hollow design makes people think of exposed and unrestrained lifestyles.

Cute zombie change

For children, American scholar Wade Wilson said that showing a zombie image that is not related to death to children can help them reduce stress and achieve their spiritual inspiration.Therefore, when choosing children’s zombies, you can choose cartoons and cute styles, such as green Skinny Jeans pants, twist pattern coats and cartoon short sleeves.Sexy underwear can choose style cartoons, pearls, and other styles, which are cute and not bad.

How to wash the transformed clothes

Whether adult -changing clothing or children’s clothing, they need to be cleaned.When you are preparing to clean the zombies, you should reasonably increase the detergent and soak for a period of time, but do not use overheated water to avoid damaging the clothing.The appropriate drying time can increase the mildew performance of the clothes. At the same time, it can be considered "sterilization" in sunlight, but it needs to be avoided.

Pay attention to buying zombie variations

When you buy zombies, you need to pay attention to three main points: whether the brand is trustworthy, the price is reasonable, and whether the materials are quality.Under normal circumstances, the reputation and word of mouth of the brand can allow you to identify similar products that are the same.Compared with high prices, special price risks are greater; if you buy a different quality zombie dressing, not only the price is waste, but it also brings yourself troubles and unnecessary troubles.

Sexy change and reasonable wear

Over time, more and more people are now choosing to wear sexy underwear and dressing clothes during the holidays.In this process, wearing should be appropriate.Finding sexy changes that match your own size must ensure comfort and hygiene, and should not be excessively exposed.Of course, it looks more suitable for sexy dressing clothes. It requires some selected small objects, such as gloves, hats, red or black coatings, and so on.

How to control the stage of deformation decoration

The cost of changing costs is a big expense for many players.After buying the latest equipment, many people want to beautify the latest products to increase beauty.This process is accompanied by the increase of the number and quality of the decoration.How to control the staged disadvantages of transformer videos or other audiences is the primary problem to consider.

Why "zombies walk" popular

In our society, with the changes in people’s lifestyles, the first lifestyle may be classified as those who are unlikely to have large -scale changes and become another life system.Therefore, more times, people will choose to find various ways to find "freshness", such as moving shopping at any time, and choose to participate in some interesting theme activities -such as "zombie walking" -to obtain emotional satisfaction.

in conclusion

In terms of the choice of zombie transformer clothing, it is essential to pay attention to quality, style and moderate dress.In a large number of choices, the best suggestion is to choose the most suitable for dressing product, and choose the suitable underwear that is suitable for occasions and body. The best products are indeed based on your grasp and attempt.