Zhou Yangqing wears a fun underwear to take pictures

Zhou Yangqing wears a fun underwear to take pictures

Recently, a group of photos of Zhou Yangqing wearing sexy underwear have attracted a lot of attention on the Internet.These photos are full of sexy and teasing, making people can’t help but guess whether she will break through in the field of sexy underwear.Below, let’s discuss the sexy underwear and styles behind these photos.

Tulle style

The sexy underwear worn by Zhou Yangqing in the photo is mainly tulle.This underwear is full of temptation, which is very suitable for sex occasions or special moments.Under normal circumstances, there are many lace and lace decorations in this underwear, which is very delicate.


In addition to tulle style, lace -style sexy underwear is also the first choice for Zhou Yangqing.This sexy underwear is very suitable for women who want to show their sexy side.Common styles include bras, underwear, conjoined dressing, strap, etc.

Chest sticker

The chest paste is a very special sexy underwear. It can be used to cover the nipples and make women feel more free and comfortable.Zhou Yangqing also wore a chest sticker in the photo, showing her sexy and bold.


Another very popular sexy underwear is a bellyband.It can be used to cover part of the skin on the waist, making women look more sexy and charming.It is usually equipped with a lot of lace and lace, showing women’s softness and charm.


Stockings are a very common sexy underwear, which can be used to increase women’s sexy and femininity.Zhou Yangqing put on stockings on many occasions in the photos, making her legs look longer and charming.


Lace -connected sportswear is a very sexy sexy lingerie.It is usually composed of lace, lace, and tulle, which is very suitable for sex occasions.Zhou Yangqing also put on such a conjoined dress in the photo, exuding a unique sexy charm.

Black underwear

For sexy underwear, black is usually one of the most popular colors.Zhou Yangqing is no exception.There are many black underwear in her photos, and black gives people a mystery and sexy temptation.

Red underwear

Unlike black, red sexy underwear is also very popular.Red shows the enthusiasm and charm of women, making people full of passion and vitality.Zhou Yangqing also put on red underwear in the photo, showing a different kind of sexy.


Through these photos, we can see that Zhou Yangqing’s sexy lingerie style and type are very diverse.She shows a characteristic of femininity and sexy.However, no matter what kind of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the selection and adaptability of the size to reflect the perfect effect.