Zhiwang Fairy Underwear Picture Download Installation

How to download the pictures of sexy underwear online and install it?As an expert in sexy underwear, we will teach you how to load sexy underwear pictures through Zhiwang and successfully install them.This article will guide you to complete the following operations: Register to know the network account, search for keywords, download sexy underwear pictures, and install the downloaded erotic underwear pictures.

Register Zhiwang account

First of all, you need to register an account on the Internet so that you can search and download sexy underwear pictures.Open Zhizhi.com, click "Register" in the upper right corner to enter the registration page.Enter your mailbox address and password, and then fill in other necessary information.After quickly completing the account activation process, you can log in and use Zhiwang services.

Search for keywords download sexy underwear pictures

Searching for sexy underwear pictures on Zhi.com is simple. You need to enter the keywords "Influence underwear" in the search box and click the search button.On the search results page, you will see some sexy underwear pictures and related content. You can reduce the search range by "screening" and find the erotic underwear pictures you want.

Loat sex underwear pictures

In the search results page, you can download different types of sexy underwear pictures of different types and brands according to your needs.After you select a picture, you can find the download button under the picture or buy a link.After selecting the download button, there will be a download window. You need to select a folder, and then click "Save" to download the sexy underwear picture.

Install the downloaded erotic underwear picture

When you are going to use the downloaded erotic underwear pictures, you need to install them.In the sexy underwear picture folder you downloaded, right -click and select "Unzip to the current Folder", and then a new folder will appear, which is the zip file and other contents of the picture.Click the picture folder, find the picture you want, right -click to select "Copy".Then you need to paste these files to your computer.Find a software that installs the sexy underwear you like, click "Browse" after installation, find the erotic underwear pictures you just copied, and click "OK" to complete the installation.


This article teaches you how to download and install sexy underwear pictures and install it on the Internet.After registering Zhiwang account, you can use its search function to find sexy underwear pictures, and save them into your computer by downloading and installing.In this way, you can enjoy the endless fun brought by beautiful, sexy, and sexy underwear.