Zhengzhou Fun underwear wholesale

Zhengzhou Infusion Underwear Wholesale: Understand market demand

For merchants who want to open a sexy underwear wholesale store in Zhengzhou, we need to understand market demand.The demand for sexy underwear in the Zhengzhou market is relatively large. It is mainly based on young people as the main consumer group. It is influenced by domestic and foreign film and television works. It is more and more pursuing sexy and fashionable sexy underwear.

Selection of sexy underwear wholesale brand choices

Choosing a variety of and cost -effective sexy underwear brands is the basis for opening the success of sex underwear wholesale stores.

For new entrepreneurs, some best -selling brands can be selected from imported sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear, such as Victoria’s Secrets, Agent Provocateur, Playboy, COSMO, Simone Perele and other brands, but the price is relatively high.

Local brands can choose Aimer, Venies, Luolai, etc., which are relatively cost -effective.

Fun underwear wholesale market price master

Interest underwear wholesale market price includes purchase costs, freight, agency fees, labor costs, market taxes, etc., so the price is a very critical issue.

Compared with the sexy underwear wholesale market in other cities, Zhengzhou’s sexy underwear wholesale market price is relatively low, especially the sexy underwear of local brands.

Selection of sexy underwear wholesale sales channels

How to choose the channel that is most suitable for selling sexy underwear is another important issue for opening a sex underwear wholesale store.

You can choose to sell through large -scale e -commerce platforms such as Taobao Tmall, Jingdong Mall, Vipshop, etc., or you can open a purchase link on the WeChat public account, rely on offline physical stores to attract customers to sell.

Sexy underwear wholesale store decoration and publicity

The decoration design of sexy underwear requires sexy, stylish, elegant, and comfortable, meets customer needs, and improves the desire to buy.

In terms of publicity, you can publish information such as WeChat friends circle, QQ space, Weibo and other social media platforms, and release information such as sexy underwear products, brand information, shop activities, etc., to increase brand awareness.

Sexy underwear wholesale store staff training

Choose high -quality business personnel and provide regular training to enhance employee product knowledge, sales skills and service awareness.

Develop a complete set of sales standards and service specifications, which can improve sales and customer satisfaction.

After -sales service of sexy underwear wholesale shops

Providing comprehensive after -sales service is a necessary condition for sexy underwear wholesale stores to win customer trust.

For example, the seven -day unconditional return and exchange, providing air transport agent and other services can enhance the customer’s confidence and satisfaction.

Interesting underwear wholesale store scale expansion

After the stable and profitability of the wholesale business of sexy underwear, the scale can be gradually expanded, such as expanding the scope of business, increasing categories, and pioneering new channels.

At the same time, through data analysis, market research and other methods, continue to follow up and understand market demand, timely adjust business strategies, and improve service levels.


To open a sexy underwear wholesale store, you need to have a comprehensive market understanding, flexible business strategy and first -class product quality and services.Only in these areas can we get customers, expand scale and improve competitiveness.The key is to pay attention to the treatment of details, do a good job of various services, and create a comprehensive shopping experience.