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Understand yoga shirt and sexy underwear

Yoga tops are the first choice for female yoga lovers.Yoga tops are soft, breathable, sweat -absorbing fabrics, which can keep female yoga enthusiasts comfortable, confident and sexy in sports.


Yoga tops are mainly divided into two categories:

Cross -back: There are three thin bands in this sexy underwear, and the T -shaped type appears on the back.Women with good back lines can show a beautiful curve.

Standament: There are two straps in this sexy underwear, pulling out a special V-Neck design on the back.This yoga shirt fun underwear is suitable for women with less beautiful back lines, and can be designed with decentralized sight through V-Neck.


The color of the yoga top and the sexy underwear is generally divided into dark colors (black, dark blue, dark purple, etc.) and light color (white, light blue, light pink, etc.).Black and white are the most classic, while the choice of other colors depends on personal taste and preference.


There are many styles of yoga tops and sexy underwear, and the more common styles are:

Back -back: This sexy underwear uses hollow design on the shoulders and backs or decorated with only diamonds and beads, which can make female yoga lovers show soft skin.

Sports: This kind of sexy underwear generally has the performance of sweat absorption, breathability, and can keep female yoga enthusiasts dry and comfortable in exercise.

Hook fancy: This kind of sexy underwear will adopt hook flower design on the shoulders or chest to increase the sexy degree of sexy underwear.

Wearing skills

When wearing yoga shirts, you must choose the right size to ensure comfort and wear effect.In addition, when wearing sexy underwear, don’t feel that you only need it when you exercise. Sometimes in group sports, wearing sexy underwear can also bring more confidence and beauty to yourself.

With suggestions

If you want to get a better matching effect, you can match the following and shoes, such as black yoga pants with black sexy underwear and black ship socks, which can show more exquisite visual effects.

Washing and maintenance

When cleaning yoga’s clothes, you should pay attention to squeeze the washing solution with your hands, and then pat it gently. Do not wipe it with a brush, otherwise the fabric will cause unnecessary damage.In addition, when storing sex underwear, avoid sun and humid environments.

Brand recommendation

At present, there are many erotic underwear brands on the market, including Victoria’s Secret, H & M, Aerie and other brands.The fun underwear of these brands has high cost performance, which is worth trying.


In summary, choosing a suitable yoga shirt and sexy underwear can make female yoga enthusiasts feel more confident, comfortable, and sexy in sports, and at the same time, it can also bring themselves more beauty.

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